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Order your spit kit
Order your Nebula Genomics DNA sequencing kit (40% off Holiday Special).
Return your sample
Spit in your DNA kit and send it back for sequencing with our pre-paid shipping label.
Receive your results
Learn about your health, ancestry, and microbiome with your personalized Nebula report.
Customize your artwork
Choose your fully custom genomic art based on your genome.
Receive your art
Bask in the glory that is your genome.
($160 value, save 10%)
Nebula Genomics uses a proprietary algorithm that generates beautiful artwork based on the three billion base pairs of your Genome.
What you'll be getting
Nebula provides a transparent and ethical way to learn about what makes you unique.
Nebula Library
Stay up to date with the most cutting-edge research and what it means to you and your DNA.
Every week, new curated research studies are added to the Nebula Library. These studies cover research studies and how they could impact you based on your genomic data.
Trait Reports
Unlock unique traits based on your genes and what they mean for you!
Learn more about the traits that make up your physical appearance.
See how sensitive you are to certain tastes and smells.
Find out how your genetic makeup has impacted your ability to gain or lose weight.
Understand how susceptible you might be to addiction.
Figure out whether you have the genetic potential to be a great athlete!
Human Art Project
The Human Art Project uses next generation DNA Sequencing powered by Nebula Genomics to create personalized artwork based on your genome.
Choose between 5 unique styles to generate a piece of art that only YOU could create.
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