How to get a free DNA report from Nebula Genomics

At Nebula, we want everyone to explore the exclusive benefits and features that our subscribers currently get to experience each time they log into their Nebula account, and now we’ve made that possible even if you haven’t received sequencing from us yet!

All you need is a free Nebula user account (sign up here if you haven’t) and a .txt file from either 23andMe or Ancestry DNA. To download your raw data from Ancestry DNA or 23andMe, follow the links.

Step 1.) Log into your Nebula user account and locate the importer option at the top left-hand corner of your dashboard

Step 2.) Drag and drop your 23andMe or Ancestry DNA .txt or zip file into the gray area of the importer

Step 3.) Click the submit button and your .txt file will begin to load and a confirmation prompt will appear once the upload process is completed

Step 4.) Click on the Reporting tab to check the current status of your Report. You will also receive an email notifying you that your reports are being generated

Step 5.) Once your Report is ready to view you will receive an email confirmation and link to your Reports

*Free reports will only include traits and a preview of our exclusive subscription feature the Nebula Library.

The Nebula Library is a curated repository of research publications and genomic discoveries! Every week new publications and how they relate to your genomic data are posted—because at Nebula we don’t believe our users should be burdened with research, that’s our job! Subscribe to Nebula Expand today for full access to the Nebula Library.

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