Finally Break Out Of The Negative Behavioural Cycles That Are Sabotaging Your Mental Wellness Journey

Your mental health is a product of your genetics, lifestyle, experience, and environment.

Nebula Genomics enables you to learn how your DNA can influence several aspects of your mental wellness including your behavior, mood, stress, sleep, and more.

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We curate personalized and easy-to-understand summaries of the most important studies on the genetics of mental health.

Gain access to our curated selection of the latest scientific reports and easily explore how your DNA affects your stress, behavioral patterns, anxiety, and more.

Our DNA test gives you comprehensive insights into the genetics of sleep.

Sleep plays a significant role in mental health. Receive personalized summaries of studies exploring the genetics of insomnia, sleepiness, snoring, and restless leg syndrome.

Part of maintaining mental wellness included engaging in healthy social behaviors.

Discover how your genes impact your social life!

We’re privacy first. Benefit from your DNA without risking the privacy of it.

How we protect your data

Whole Genome Sequencing Options

Amount of DNA Decoded
DNA sequencing depth
Ancestry reports
Accuracy of DNA sequencing and reports
Decodes all ~20,000 genes
Identifies rare genetic mutations
Access to genome exploration tools
Ready for diagnostics
Identifies common genetic mutations
New DNA reports are available regularly
Oral microbiome report
Privacy-preserving technologies to protect your genetic information
Whole Genome Sequencing
Good choice if you want to start exploring your family history and learn about predisposition to common traits and conditions.
Whole Genome Sequencing
The best choice for most users. It gives deep insight into ancestry and allows you to learn about common traits as well as rare traits and conditions.
Ultra Deep
Whole Genome Sequencing
The most advanced DNA test on the market that decodes your entire genome with ultra-high accuracy enabling most comprehensive and accurate reports.
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What is Mental Wellness?

Mental wellness or more broadly, mental health, is more than the absence of mental illness. It is defined as your emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Whereas physical health is more often addressed through diets, exercise plans, preventative health, doctors visits, and emergency care, mental wellness can often be overlooked. When we discount our mental wellbeing, we are often indirectly damaging our physical health and overall wellness. This is because mental wellness is associated with everything from mood, sleep patterns, stress, and energy levels.

Many factors affect mental wellness. Biological factors, such as genes and brain chemistry, are known to impact how we deal with mental stress. Taking a genetic test can help you assess your risk. A history of mental illness is also a sign that mental problems can run in families. Finally, life experiences such as trauma and abuse can create and/or enhance underlying mental problems.

Whether you are genetically predisposed to mental disorders or not, you can take steps to improve your mental wellness. Eating and exercising well, getting enough sleep, developing coping skills, and seeing a professional when necessary are all important steps to a healthier life. Building and maintaining relationships and social connections are also a great way to enhance mental wellness. For those struggling with a mental disorder, taking proactive steps in their mental wellness journey often leads to increased productivity, positive attitudes, strong relationships, and good stress coping skills.

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