Nebula's expanded report reads more from your DNA.
Nebula Genomics creates expanded reports by filling in the blanks of typical DNA tests using statistical models -- a process known as "Imputation". This expanded report includes hundreds of traits and curated research studies to get more from your DNA data.
What you'll be getting
Nebula provides a transparent and ethical way to learn about what makes you unique.
Nebula Library
Stay up to date with the most cutting-edge research and what it means to you and your DNA.
Every week, new curated research studies are added to the Nebula Library. These studies cover research studies and how they could impact you based on your genomic data.
Trait Reports
Unlock unique traits based on your genes and what they mean for you!
Learn more about the traits that make up your physical appearance.
See how sensitive you are to certain tastes and smells.
Find out how your genetic makeup has impacted your ability to gain or lose weight.
Understand how susceptible you might be to addiction.
Figure out whether you have the genetic potential to be a great athlete!
Designed to maintain your privacy and security.
Enter the age of personal genomics without risking the privacy of your most personal information. Nebula Genomics is developing cryptographic techniques to secure your genomic data and enable transparency. Whether it’s law enforcement or researchers, no one will be able to access your data without your consent. Learn more about DNA privacy.