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Our DNA test provides insights into the ways your genes can impact how your body responds to food and nutrients. Discover which foods you should avoid and which foods might make you feel better.
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We offer the most comprehensive genetic test available by sequencing 100% of your genome. Other DNA tests analyze less than 1% of your DNA.
We’re privacy first. Benefit from your DNA without risking its privacy. Learn more about how we protect your data.

How we protect your data
We provide dynamic updates on the newest research. The genetics of nutrition is always advancing and our team of scientists makes sure you are kept up to date with the latest findings.

Whole Genome Sequencing Options

Amount of DNA Decoded
DNA sequencing depth
Ancestry reports
Accuracy of DNA sequencing and reports
Decodes all ~20,000 genes
Identifies rare genetic mutations
Access to genome exploration tools
Ready for diagnostics
Identifies common genetic mutations
New DNA reports are available regularly
Oral microbiome report
Privacy-preserving technologies to protect your genetic information
Whole Genome Sequencing
Good choice if you want to start exploring your family history and learn about predisposition to common traits and conditions.
Whole Genome Sequencing
The best choice for most users. It gives deep insight into ancestry and allows you to learn about common traits as well as rare traits and conditions.
Ultra Deep
Whole Genome Sequencing
The most advanced DNA test on the market that decodes your entire genome with ultra-high accuracy enabling most comprehensive and accurate reports.
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What is a DNA diet?

For many people, one size fits all diets may not be effective if they are not tailored to that individual. Everyone’s body composition is unique. A DNA diet is a personalized diet that provides recommendations based on your genetic makeup.

Generally, DNA diet testing can use DNA to understand how your body is predisposed to react to certain foods and drinks and also your risk of certain vitamin deficiencies. By knowing which types of foods and ingredients you may be sensitive to, you can optimize your diet to avoid or supplement certain components.

Vitamins and minerals are also an essential part of a healthy diet. Some people have genetic variants that put them more at risk for certain vitamin deficiencies. By identifying this risk, you can work with your doctor to create a supplement or food intake plan.

Genetics also play a role in obesity and thinness. Genetic testing will reveal the extent to which your genes may be playing a role in your weight management goals. In combination with understanding genes that influence fitness, people can combine the fitness strategies that work best based on their genetics with a healthy diet to meet many of their health goals.


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