Enhance Your Fitness Journey By Understanding The Underlying Genetic Factors Making It Difficult To Lose Weight

Discover how you can use your DNA to optimize your workouts with our actionable genetic reports.
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From the type of exercises you should do, to how you should eat your genetics can have a meaningful impact on how you should plan your fitness journey.
With just one DNA test, you gain all the information that could help you potentially break out of the negative cycles that are ruining your fitness.
We’re privacy first. Benefit from your DNA without risking the privacy of it.

How we protect your data

Whole Genome Sequencing Options

Amount of DNA Decoded
DNA sequencing depth
Ancestry reports
Accuracy of DNA sequencing and reports
Decodes all ~20,000 genes
Identifies rare genetic mutations
Access to genome exploration tools
Ready for diagnostics
Identifies common genetic mutations
New DNA reports are available every week
Oral microbiome report
Privacy-preserving technologies to protect your genetic information
Whole Genome Sequencing
Good choice if you want to start exploring your family history and learn about predisposition to common traits and conditions.
Whole Genome Sequencing
The best choice for most users. It gives deep insight into ancestry and allows you to learn about common as well as rare traits and conditions.
Ultra Deep
Whole Genome Sequencing
The most advanced DNA test on the market that decodes your entire genome with ultra-high accuracy enabling most comprehensive and accurate reports.
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Learn more about how your body
responds to exercise

Have you noticed that some people make quicker progress in the gym than others?

Your genes influence how you respond to strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Use our genetic test to plan the right fitness program for you.

Personalize your weight
management strategy

Endurance Power profile
Reveal your body's response to key genes associated power or endurance potential.
Understand how best to train for your body, whatever your personal goal may be.
Aerobic potential
V02 max is the most com monly used marker for endurance potential, we can help you understand your genetic V02 max potential.
Post-Exercise Recovery
Everybody has a different recovery ability - understand what your genes say about your natural recovery speed, and how to plan your exercise regime accordingly.
Recovery Nutrition
Get to know your body's genetic need for certain vitamins and micronutrients. Learn how this can help you manage your recovery strategy after hard exercise.
By purchasing a Nebula DNA test, you gain insight into how your genes affect your ability to gain and lose weight.

Your genetics have a significant influence on your metabolism.

We report on genes linked to obesity, abnormal BMI, susceptibility to high blood sugar and more.

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