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Your DNA is your blueprint. It encodes information about your health, your personality, your ancestry and much more. Learning this information is extremely valuable, but it can also result in privacy risks. At Nebula Genomics we are building the first privacy-focused personal genomics service. Read our article in Nature Biotechnology for more info!
Tenants of our technology
Our anonymous sequencing service enables our users to sign up, submit their samples, and receive their genetic reports without ever personally identifying themselves. Anonymous genetic testing eliminates the dependence on data de-identification by personal genomics companies prior to data sharing and it reduces the risk of being affected by security breaches.
We give our users full control over their personal genomic data. To this end, we are building a blockchain-enabled multiparty access control system that does not rely on any single trusted party. It reduces the risk of security breaches by hackers, prevents unauthorized government access and protects against data privacy infringements by genetic testing providers.
In collaboration with researchers from academia and industry, we are developing solutions for privacy-preserving genomic data analysis. We apply multiple technologies including trusted execution environments, homomorphic encryption, and secure multi-party computations to enable our users to contribute to research without risking their privacy.
Our Publications.
DECEMBER 17, 2018
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DECEMBER 17, 2018
Citizen-Centered, Auditable, and Privacy-Preserving Population Genomics
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DECEMBER 17, 2018
Accelerating Genomic Data Generation and Facilitating Genomic Data Access Using Decentralization, Privacy-Preserving Technologies and Equitable Compensation
DECEMBER 17, 2018
‘Fit-for-purpose?’ – challenges and opportunities for applications of blockchain technology in the future of healthcare
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