Anonymous Sequencing

Nebula Genomics is proud to be the first personal genomics company to offer anonymous genetic testing.
What is anonymous sequencing?
Anonymous Sequencing is a service that enables you to gain all the benefits of genomic sequencing, without needing to share any personal information. Sign up, submit your sample, and receive your genetic report without ever personally identifying yourself. For more information about what you receive by getting your genome sequenced with Nebula Genomics, check out Nebula Explore.
Why does this matter?
Anonymous genetic testing can eliminate several potential vulnerabilities individuals are exposed to when purchasing genetic testing services. Most importantly, enabling individuals to remain anonymous would eliminate the dependence on data de-identification by personal genomics companies prior to data sharing.
Tips and Tricks
There are many actions you can take to help preserve your privacy while browsing and shopping online. Here is a list of a few tools that are useful for preserving your privacy. Consider using them when you order a genetic test online.
Anonymous Payments
Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, can enable (pseudo)anonymous payments because they rely on blockchain addresses that can have no connection to real-life identities such as name, address or bank accounts. Alternatively, a prepaid debit card purchased with cash can be used to make anonymous payments.
Secure Email
Consider using an email address that is not tied to any personal information. Creating a new email address that you are using for nebula purposes only through a service such as Protonmail is a great first step.
A virtual private network (VPN) is a tool that allows you to browse the internet while maintaining your privacy. It is good practice to always use a VPN, especially when you are purchasing anything or sharing any personal information online.
PO Box
A PO Box s a uniquely addressable lockable box that allows you to have something shipped to you without needing to use your own address. You can reserve a PO Box from the USPS.
Nebula Library
The Nebula Library is a curated and personalized repository of research publications and genomic discoveries.
New research studies are frequently added to the Nebula Library. These studies cover cutting-edge research, and how it could impact you based on your genomic data.
Whole Genome Sequencing Nebula Library

Get Access To Your Full Genome

Unlike other DNA Tests, Nebula Explore unlocks your whole genome instead of just a fraction. Additionally, unlike other tests, we’ll give you all of your data, including:

BAM files for Whole Genome Sequencing

Your genome, reconstructed from your sequencing data.

VCF files for Whole Genome Sequencing

A list of all genetic variants found in your genome.

Note: Imputation for Nebula Explore is based on the 1000 Genomes Phase 3 or HRC

A Lifetime of Discovery

Nebula Explore sequences all of your DNA, even the parts that haven’t been researched yet. As the understanding of genomics advances, you can stay up-to-date on your genome with the Nebula Library. We’ll provide you highly customized reports on new variants, risk scores, and research.

Microbiome reports for Whole Genome Sequencing

Discover the composition of your oral microbiome.

Access curated research studies and how they relate to your microbiome.

Compare how your bacterial composition compares to the general population.


Learn more about the traits that make up your physical appearance.

See how sensitive you are to certain tastes and smells.

Find out how your genetic makeup has impacted your ability to gain or lose weight.

Understand how susceptible you might be to addiction.

Figure out whether you have the genetic potential to be a great athlete!

Re-Discover Who You Are and Where You Came From

Find out about your heritage and which geographic locations your family traces back to

Nebula Anonymous Sequencing
1 year of access to the Nebula Library, including personalized curation of new genomic research and how it impacts you
Access to raw genomic data (VCF, FASTQ, CRAM)
Ancestry report
Genetic traits (includes wellness, nutrition, diet)
Access to blockchain based secure storage
Oral microbiome sequencing
Priority access to research opportunities and studies
Coming soon!