Breast Cancer (Michailidou, 2013)

STUDY TITLE: Large-scale genotyping identifies 41 new loci associated with breast cancer risk

SUMMARY: 41 novel genetic variants were determined to be associated with breast cancer, most of which are found in genes that play a role in cell death and differentiation.

DESCRIPTION: Breast cancer is the prevalent among women worldwide. To identify genetic factors that correlate with a risk of developing this disease, this study analyzed genetic data from 9 previous genome-wide association studies. With this analysis, they selected 29,807 genetic variants for further study. These variants were studied in 45,290 cases and 41,880 controls of European ancestry. The analysis discovered 41 novel genetic variants that are associated. While 7 of these variants lie within or close to known breast cancer susceptibility genes, most of the variants are associated with genes that are linked to cell death and differentiation. In total, these variants explain approximately 30% of the familial risk of developing the disease.

DID YOU KNOW? Women who give birth to their first child at age 35 or younger tend to have a lower risk of developing breast cancer compared to women who do not have children or those who have children at a later age. In addition, the more children you have the lower your risk. [SOURCE]

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Breast cancer sample results.

BREAST CANCER-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs2981579, rs3803662, rs614367, rs13387042, rs10941679, rs10995190, rs889312, rs865686, rs10771399, rs4973768, rs13281615, rs11249433, rs17356907, rs704010, rs1292011, rs3757318, rs2046210, rs999737, rs6001930, rs6472903, rs13329835, rs6828523, rs2823093, rs11814448, rs16857609, rs4808801, rs2943559, rs1432679, rs7072776, rs17817449, rs9693444, rs2236007, rs6504950, rs6762644, rs3903072, rs3817198, rs11780156, rs4849887, rs720475, rs2588809, rs527616, rs616488, rs3760982, rs941764, rs11820646, rs132390, rs11242675, rs10069690, rs17530068, rs204247, rs2016394, rs10759243, rs11552449, rs11199914, rs12493607, rs1353747, rs10472076, rs1550623, rs7904519, rs1436904, rs12422552, rs9790517, rs11571833

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