Healthy Lung Function (Shrine, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: New genetic signals for lung function highlight pathways and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease associations across multiple ancestries

SUMMARY: Identification of 155 genetic variants correlated with lung function.

OVERVIEW:  Proper lung function is critical for providing oxygen to the cell in our bodies. It can be assessed by measuring various parameters. One parameter of lung function is the maximum air volume that can be expired after a deep breath, also known as the forced vital capacity (FVC). Another parameter is the air volume that can be expired in the first second of expiration, known as the forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1). A low FEV1/FVC ratio is an indicator for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This genome-wide association study examined over 400,000 individuals of European ancestry and identified 155 genetic variants associated with the FEV1/FVC ratio. Many variants were located near genes that play a role in the formation of elastic fibers that allow our lungs to expand and contract as we breathe.

DID YOU KNOW? Smoking is the largest risk factor for developing COPD. In fact, up to 90% of all cases of COPD can be linked to smoking. Refraining from smoking, and limiting exposure to secondhand are important to keep your lungs healthy. [SOURCE]

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VARIANTS ASSOCIATED WITH LUNG FUNCTION: rs2070600, rs13141641, rs7753012, rs1441358, rs34712979, rs17280293, rs13116999, rs7733410, rs2609279, rs7090277, rs2869966, rs62201738, rs9435733, rs11134789, rs4308141, rs9274247, rs11858992, rs2798641, rs34093919, rs1192415, rs7970544, rs10059996, rs2244592, rs12522114, rs1529672, rs55884799, rs1294417, rs11648508, rs11134766, rs35107139, rs28446321, rs1896797, rs79898473, rs13198081, rs9385988, rs6533183, rs2999090, rs2355237, rs78442819, rs13206405, rs987068, rs10983184, rs35246838, rs1800888, rs35251997, rs879394, rs996865, rs1570203, rs12715478, rs1338227, rs2544536, rs12627254, rs8082036, rs17666332, rs62213732, rs62015883, rs11722225, rs62316310, rs75128958, rs1491106, rs79234094, rs9636166, rs2012453, rs9661802, rs2076295, rs8068952, rs2027761, rs12698403, rs10059661, rs74053129, rs11165787, rs72902177, rs113745635, rs330939, rs11172113, rs513953, rs141942982, rs9970286, rs62012772, rs72673461, rs1107677, rs2799098, rs11234768, rs1756281, rs6445932, rs9610955, rs17531405, rs9533803, rs2283847, rs2353940, rs8089099, rs6501455, rs755249, rs35420030, rs17163397, rs1416685, rs12470864, rs12202314, rs11098196, rs3791679, rs2571445, rs10919604, rs6032942, rs7752448, rs1978968, rs721917, rs2637254, rs541601, rs56104880, rs9661687, rs1951121, rs2261360, rs6435952, rs9634470, rs60820984, rs2084448, rs4128298, rs1406225, rs4413223, rs4721457, rs586936, rs72743974, rs57649467, rs12918140, rs34245505, rs4318980, rs11653958, rs10841302, rs10836366, rs62289340, rs193686, rs11620380, rs1985511, rs56383987, rs1274475, rs1799807, rs6710301, rs2146098, rs7098573, rs7465401, rs4309038, rs4279944, rs9807668, rs985256, rs1244869, rs7176074, rs11739847, rs1102077, rs2894837, rs2701110, rs10874851, rs6539952, rs1689510, rs7914842, rs78101726

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