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Nebula Explore enables you to get the most out of your Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test.
Privacy First Genomics. Begin your journey of discovery without risking the privacy of your most personal information.
Nebula Research Library. Receive weekly updated reports based on the latest scientific discoveries.
Genome Exploration Tools. Use powerful, browser-based genome exploration tools to answer any questions about your DNA.
Deep Genetic Ancestry. Discover more about your ancestry with full Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA sequencing and analysis.
Genomic Big Data Access. Download your FASTQ, BAM, and VCF files and dive deeper into your Whole Genome Sequencing data.
Note: All other reporting features are not available for uploaded DNA data.
Nebula Explore
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Whole Genome Sequencing kit Nebula Explore
30x Whole Genome Sequencing
Normally $1000
Save 70%!
The future of personal genomics is here. Decode 100% of your DNA at the lowest price ever!
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How does Nebula Genomics compare to other DNA Tests?
We offer the most complete DNA test, the most comprehensive reports and the most advanced technology to protect your privacy.
Other DNA Tests
Decodes 100% of DNA.
Most complete DNA testing enabled by 30x Whole Genome Sequencing.
Decode less than 0.02% of DNA.
Privacy First Genomics.
Access technology that enables you to have full ownership and control over your genomic data.
Sell customer genomic data.
New Reports Every Week.
Every week receive new reports that are based on the latest scientific discoveries.
Reports are updated very rarely.
Genome Exploration Tools.
Tools for browsing your data, searching for genetic variants, and analyzing genes.
No dynamic data exploration.
Deep Genetic Ancestry.
Discover your maternal and paternal ancestry with full mtDNA and Y-DNA sequencing.
Incomplete ancestry reports.
Genomic Big Data Access.
Over 100 GB of genomic data available for download (FASTQ, BAM, and VCF files).
No data or only sparse data available.
Why Whole Genome Sequencing?
Because Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) decodes all 6.4 billion DNA base pairs in the human genome including the complete set of all 20,000 genes and because we have brought the cost of sequencing a human genome below $300. Personal genome sequencing enables the discovery of all genetic variation in every individual gene and produces the most comprehensive and accurate genetic test results. The graphic below compares a full genome sequencing with incomplete DNA tests such as DNA genotyping and whole exome sequencing which examine only a few stretches of DNA. Beware of consumer genetic testing companies that decode less than 0.02% of your DNA!
Whole Genome Sequencing Privacy

Privacy First Genomics

Nebula Genomics is the leading privacy-focused personal genomics service. Our mission is to make direct-to-consumer DNA testing secure.

Genome ownership for privacy
Take irrevocable ownership of your Whole Genome Sequencing data.
Genome access controls for privacy
Control who can access your data and for what purpose it is used.
Whole Genome Sequencing data protected for privacy
Keep your genetic information protected in a secure computing environment.
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Nebula Research Library

With Nebula Explore, you can stay up to date with the most cutting-edge genomic research and learn how it applies to your DNA results

Our team curates the latest scientific discoveries to create personalized reports based on your Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test results. New reports on various genetic traits are added every week as scientists publish new research results! The Nebula Research Library already contains over 200 research-based reports.
Explore the Nebula Research Library
Exploration tools for your personal genomic data with Whole Genome Sequencing

Genome Exploration Tools

Nebula Explore gives you access to powerful tools to explore your Whole Genome Sequencing data.

Our exploration tools enable you to analyze the entire human genome sequence and dynamically generate your personalized reports. You can use our gene analysis tool to examine any human gene, our variant search tool to search your genome for specific genetic variants, and our genome browser to take a direct look at your nucleic acid sequence.
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Deep Genetic Ancestry

(coming in Q3 2020)

Whole Genome Sequencing DNA testing decodes your entire Y chromosome (Y-DNA) and your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

Unlike other ancestry tests, we identify all genetic markers to fully reveal your genetic makeup and help you discover your family history. In partnership with FamilyTreeDNA, we give you access to the world’s largest Y-DNA and mtDNA databases. This enables you to trace your maternal and paternal lines, explore ancestral migration patterns, find relatives through DNA matching, and build your family tree by discovering new family connections. Power your genetic genealogical research with personal genome sequencing!
Deep genetic ancestry using 30x Whole Genome Sequencing data
data ownership of genomic data
Nebula Whole Genome Sequencing Kit

Full Data Access

Whole Genome Sequencing DNA testing uses high throughput next-generation DNA sequencing technology. Because it is the most complete sequencing method, the full sequencing of a human genome produces over 100 gigabytes of raw DNA data. We give you access to your genomic big data so that you can explore it on your own.
FASTQ file generated by 30x Whole Genome Sequencing data by Nebula Explore
Your raw sequencing data, generated in our labs.
BAM file generated by 30x Whole Genome Sequencing data by Nebula Explore
BAM File
Your genome, reconstructed from your sequencing data.
VCF file generated by 30x Whole Genome Sequencing data by Nebula Explore
VCF File
A list of all genetic variants found in your genome.
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