Accelerated Aging (Gibson, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of epigenetic age acceleration

SUMMARY: Discovery of 10 genetic variants associated with accelerated aging.

OVERVIEW:  Biological age” is a measure of how well a human body is functioning relative to its actual calendar age. Studies have shown that the biological age can be estimated by measuring DNA modifications, known as methylations, across the genome. The presence of these aging-associated modifications is influenced by environmental (e.g. lifestyle) as well as genetic factors. This genome-wide association study examined the genomes of almost 13,500 individuals of European ancestry and discovered 10 genetic variants that are associated with DNA methylation profiles that are linked to accelerated biological aging. Most of the discovered variants are near genes that play a role in the metabolism or the immune system.

DID YOU KNOW? Biological aging can be slowed down by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly and minimizing stress. [SOURCE]

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AGING-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs76244256, rs7744541, rs10778517, rs388649, rs2736099, rs1011267, rs4712953, rs6440667, rs79070372, rs62078811

The epigenetic clock (Video)

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