Neuroticism (Luciano, 2017)

STUDY TITLE: Association analysis in over 329,000 individuals identifies 116 independent variants influencing neuroticism

SUMMARY: Identification of 116 genetic variants associated with neuroticism.

DESCRIPTION:  Neuroticism is a personality trait characterized by negative emotionality (e.g. anger, guilt, anxiety) and associated with poorer mental and physical health. Though neuroticism is known to be highly heritable, most genetic factors remain unknown. This genome-wide association study analyzed the genomes of almost 330,000 individuals of European ancestry and discovered 116 genetic variants were found to be associated with neuroticism. Some of these variants are near or within genes associated with cell metabolism, as well as genes previously linked to major depression disorder and anxiety.

DID YOU KNOW? Being mindful of your feelings and creating positive experiences may help overcome neuroticism. [SOURCE]

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NEUROTICISM-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs2921036, rs77804065, rs10097870, rs7005884, rs2532386, rs2953805, rs6982308, rs199534, rs11082011, rs6601444, rs7111031, rs72700239, rs4936277, rs34862781, rs12896360, rs6791611, rs11090045, rs6773869, rs7107356, rs4731328, rs2042555, rs192083738, rs1542212, rs11214589, rs35169606, rs60150206, rs7696796, rs4653218, rs2269426, rs2071754, rs7502590, rs6606710, rs56403421, rs17662402, rs2380937, rs2149351, rs1870293, rs17508548, rs13239186, rs79487346, rs13163891, rs10896636, rs10757410, rs1282545, rs496939, rs11152363, rs2407746, rs9398586, rs73190080, rs7175083, rs2056477, rs9572015, rs76333288, rs1422192, rs3741475, rs11068926, rs61361413, rs4772079, rs1521732, rs75976, rs4140799, rs117374667, rs2678897, rs169235, rs3793577, rs112850127, rs76335349, rs240764, rs802425, rs17711777, rs4362360, rs3785232, rs57506017, rs2690837, rs4841132, rs77156030, rs10789929, rs9541687, rs860626, rs4673866, rs7814925, rs7567451, rs10497655, rs8100891, rs1109451, rs78323352, rs1050846, rs297346, rs11605020, rs12441402, rs6986, rs8039690, rs4911448, rs1275411, rs8063603, rs59143394, rs189298483, rs72694263, rs80279740, rs4267411, rs10507274, rs7857183, rs76064345, rs1563245, rs77484855, rs11759026, rs2244497, rs534666677, rs7723944, rs4585149, rs72995548, rs7578651, rs72899043, rs2683653, rs60668206

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