Visceral Adiposity (Karlsson, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: Contribution of genetics to visceral adiposity and its relation to cardiovascular and metabolic disease

SUMMARY: Identification of over 100 novel genetic variants correlated with fat build-up around the body’s internal organs.

DESCRIPTION:  Visceral adipose tissue is a particularly harmful type of fat typically stored around the body’s internal organs. It acts as a source of inflammation for the organs, and it can lead to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, like coronary artery disease and diabetes. By examining genetic data from nearly 400,000 individuals of European ancestry, this study discovered 102 novel variants that may contribute to an individual’s risk of visceral adipose tissue accumulation. These genetic variants were also linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, and high fat levels in the blood.

DID YOU KNOW? Increased visceral fat storage are often linked with chronic stress. To help reduce stress, two great options are meditation and exercise. [SOURCE]

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VARIANTS RELATED TO VISCERAL ADIPOSITY: rs56094641, rs538656, rs13393304, rs62106258, rs539515, rs62262093, rs11030112, rs10938398, rs72892910, rs2229616, rs7498665, rs4808762, rs10182458, rs4402589, rs10423928, rs2307111, rs7132908, rs9471333, rs113211479, rs3784692, rs10530053, rs17770336, rs10740991, rs1454687, rs9469899, rs71658797, rs9320823, rs7156625, rs6096886, rs6857, rs6739755, rs2678204, rs9358912, rs2304608, rs35060985, rs2613500, rs1591726, rs1652376, rs1225060, rs62190394, rs76040172, rs2253310, rs3810291, rs62084234, rs62261725, rs12477088, rs4239060, rs879620, rs4665896, rs10756714, rs7550711, rs9989141, rs62477685, rs2260051, rs13017207, rs13062093, rs4482463, rs8015400, rs112506159, rs9277988, rs757318, rs55726687, rs1928496, rs10896012, rs113866544, rs66679256, rs40067, rs6265, rs6870983, rs11150745, rs7845090, rs653958, rs62107115, rs55742087, rs56813533, rs13135092, rs2481665, rs10962547, rs12459368, rs9641499, rs577525, rs72663503, rs1834144, rs113658831, rs13337177, rs245775, rs2239647, rs76327888, rs4929923, rs114593013, rs2926614, rs17773430, rs2635727, rs56356382, rs4757136, rs61910767, rs719802, rs7893571, rs3787075, rs11451718, rs11655587, rs35697587, rs7982447, rs7649970, rs2172131, rs145350287, rs61813293, rs7608397, rs3943933, rs2926864, rs10187101, rs591939, rs111610668, rs148535477, rs2730806, rs8074454, rs72995085, rs704061, rs11679338, rs59893724, rs12739999, rs7942037, rs4500930, rs583077, rs7822494, rs34811474, rs9911991, rs4855804, rs67463976, rs7165759, rs41286710, rs10774018, rs12335914, rs4073582, rs2180454, rs3791687, rs9985922, rs9843340, rs3850986, rs112108364, rs217669, rs13075615, rs254024, rs112154095, rs6433243, rs13263674, rs1784461, rs11864188, rs68169458, rs1398060, rs2477467, rs62007782, rs13331491, rs62259475, rs4648664, rs215628, rs1474518, rs2962082, rs7654647, rs1724557, rs6561937, rs2667761, rs809955, rs10773302, rs56398417, rs12001634, rs11640322, rs35972789, rs11776713, rs2859977, rs12072739, rs28473022, rs3833665, rs1861026, rs62277680, rs3764002, rs2499468, rs111768603, rs13097150, rs362307, rs3737992, rs1762509, rs2820223, rs2020942, rs112340061, rs2095484, rs2949785, rs778094, rs4743930, rs749953, rs60886478, rs6788620, rs78719460, rs1229984, rs62183012, rs9867802, rs9832402, rs61903695, rs11119208, rs2472297, rs7243566

Adipose Tissue Around Your Organs

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