Well-Being (Baselmans, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: Multivariate genome-wide analyses of the well-being spectrum

SUMMARY: Novel method for multivariate traits identifies 304 genetic variants associated with well-being.

OVERVIEW:  Our well-being is a multivariate trait typically characterized by high life-satisfaction, positive affect, and absence of neuroticism as well as depressive symptoms. Determining genetic predispositions to our well-being can be difficult since a complex array of genetic variants contribute. Using a novel method, this study analyzed the genomes of 160,000 individuals of European ancestry to discover 304 variants associated with well-being. Some of these identified variants are near genes that are highly expressed in brain tissue, specifically in the hippocampus region that plays an important role in regulating memory, learning, and emotion. Also, this novel method increased the number of identified genetic variants associated with well-being by 26%!

DID YOU KNOW? Studies have shown that exercising, sleeping well, spending time with loved ones, getting outside, helping others, practicing smiling, and planning trips can all increase your overall happiness! [SOURCE]

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WELL-BEING-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs4938021, rs483143, rs13213152, rs13212562, rs597462, rs8084280, rs11082011, rs7010590, rs2233980, rs13195401, rs2302832, rs433061, rs10491952, rs17702602, rs16903285, rs7832708, rs10774909, rs12967143, rs171697, rs11599236, rs716508, rs55748329, rs11214441, rs3734572, rs2179744, rs2921036, rs2149351, rs28427480, rs4543289, rs782207, rs3785234, rs7107356, rs2458167, rs4671459, rs1806153, rs115648484, rs2102341, rs3764512, rs4841662, rs61687445, rs11693031, rs1360692, rs11604333, rs12962538, rs10244364, rs3793577, rs3783007, rs2105841, rs7805419, rs2276825, rs11214596, rs13198298, rs619466, rs301806, rs10487459, rs1431071, rs261909, rs2093623, rs60045856, rs6601426, rs11610143, rs2678897, rs11644362, rs942866, rs1493914, rs6131010, rs10812851, rs6925748, rs35609938, rs6943746, rs9564496, rs7841297, rs215815, rs12552533, rs910187, rs2398144, rs2273653, rs210914, rs6776145, rs72808287, rs11633354, rs4955417, rs12125942, rs72694263, rs6705939, rs1371325, rs827123, rs2721811, rs7989827, rs12817055, rs7243332, rs4654874, rs164640, rs6721577, rs7422667, rs2744228, rs4554778, rs703410, rs59211589, rs2051293, rs11068917, rs166418, rs247911, rs1187257, rs12794371, rs9957512, rs8001600, rs77648771, rs9380700, rs9298995, rs297346, rs7523829, rs12436091, rs1484680, rs4461738, rs10879715, rs10913160, rs61905363, rs651245, rs308805, rs7789405, rs4886920, rs2715147, rs17150537, rs9967747, rs4581549, rs17041417, rs12374076, rs815710, rs61867341, rs769688, rs4836189, rs17622606, rs1019706, rs3811935, rs6019826, rs60157091, rs34517207, rs204883, rs6773869, rs198457, rs3134012, rs17583539, rs1964390, rs7200826, rs111871194, rs7191427, rs2589341, rs9601120, rs13409834, rs10967509, rs66511648, rs9592461, rs10746509, rs78324365, rs10936879, rs11876796, rs115091345, rs9332801, rs4914930, rs35722835, rs4652676, rs7396827, rs4712936, rs11605020, rs1147478, rs7021901, rs10838629, rs1329572, rs12910872, rs41316748, rs1563245, rs17049478, rs977747, rs17186681, rs7819525, rs285006, rs62041356, rs7154329, rs1510386, rs10485622, rs9546806, rs17570807, rs74504435, rs4409766, rs16958292, rs779995, rs72932350, rs10168771, rs1191600, rs1919159, rs12458596, rs1983949, rs1551840, rs12513440, rs77414181, rs13262595, rs1950835, rs73190080, rs71384258, rs34945223, rs4968736, rs117599630, rs310763, rs3846828, rs6433563, rs6771469, rs28680958, rs35258156, rs4271063, rs306755, rs10061069, rs79367487, rs5754712, rs6535577, rs655836, rs4757136, rs77129413, rs12517438, rs9883788, rs7633673, rs314262, rs2876520, rs1892350, rs2042395, rs2469903, rs4739938, rs6931902, rs1016306, rs12910903, rs1072880

Well-being spectrum

WEEKLY UPDATE: November 2, 2019

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