Refractive errors (Hysi, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Meta-analysis of 542,934 subjects of European ancestry identifies new genes and mechanisms predisposing to refractive error and myopia

SUMMARY: Discovery of 336 new genomic regions associated with refractive errors, including nearsightedness.

OVERVIEW:  Refractive errors occur when the shape of the eye does not bend light correctly, resulting in unfocused or blurry vision. One of the major types of refractive errors is myopia, otherwise known as nearsightedness. Refractive errors are very common, and the prevalence is increasing, likely due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Using genetic data from ~550,000 individuals of European descent, this study discovered 449 genomic regions associated with refractive error, 336 of which are novel. Together, the identified genetic variants explain 18.4% of the heritability of refractive error. The results suggest that refractive error is driven by genes involved in eye development, pigmentation, and circadian rhythm.

DID YOU KNOW? Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition in which objects in proximity are clear but objects at a distance are blurry. The most common way to correct for myopia is by wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses. It is estimated that over a billion individuals across the globe need glasses but do not have access to them, particularly in developing countries. Inaccessibility to eye care is a major public health concern in those countries and has led to, among other things, traffic accidents and poor grades. [SOURCE]

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refractive errors sample results

RESTING HEART RATE-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs2124500, rs13301794, rs12440698, rs7277023, rs6050351, rs148101639, rs41305473, rs10066524, rs2355125, rs17150996, rs75452709, rs7307053, rs2654980, rs13189957, rs11928769, rs11153164, rs6828872, rs10493817, rs7602799, rs115504329, rs10887652, rs72973714, rs12569272, rs4499830, rs6487108, rs2726052, rs4133395, rs7849438, rs11585774, rs11196996, rs6136407, rs2910644, rs13027546, rs4933627, rs3756171, rs73858679, rs902356, rs74848904, rs6489568, rs10848650, rs7315286, rs1427039, rs113369180, rs8121964, rs6629562, rs1905014, rs2075822, rs9895291, rs10829282, rs9790778, rs180874045, rs7569375, rs1562523, rs1863622, rs7427073, rs113626448, rs9526736, rs10223052, rs28564890, rs78486117, rs6875105, rs57654288, rs3936511, rs6590199, rs9562057, rs1558655, rs4242244, rs4981370, rs12475184, rs9521975, rs55870008, rs1054521, rs493786, rs6537315, rs3127166, rs6610546, rs7966177, rs3762672, rs9526001, rs12762379, rs2575725, rs10980037, rs7048915, rs9968377, rs1732579, rs1280632, rs33998475, rs1158569, rs35636169, rs505837, rs6099283, rs497523, rs6668720, rs6137371, rs3013105, rs13409142, rs2097352, rs7073435, rs7780001, rs73231003, rs1646555, rs73117594, rs2867673, rs7802500, rs11121599, rs1912409, rs57829920, rs75488612, rs28495254, rs9832291, rs10753502, rs1823289, rs4886850, rs13339407, rs2606558, rs7311970, rs10174570, rs62026817, rs6102322, rs35567312, rs1490276, rs4875839, rs4896068, rs75012440, rs9497026, rs2024211, rs7584334, rs1961952, rs11675358, rs8096658, rs10158878, rs1865249, rs34354104, rs3784589, rs1260326, rs28533147, rs3131703, rs7619476, rs1425598, rs11165052, rs4905998, rs12409365, rs4947120, rs535888, rs4753693, rs11700909, rs7732667, rs7136446, rs146172211, rs7601475, rs1907462, rs6070941, rs10030755, rs41267883, rs55681357, rs117123217, rs73035723, rs7793034, rs807479, rs7816934, rs6700065, rs7272323, rs7144361, rs6860901, rs11065286, rs2045629, rs73042687, rs144137329, rs57902545, rs3211166, rs928109, rs4828621, rs41281858, rs2212597, rs10934960, rs35667547, rs34687569, rs7691051, rs11161294, rs9372732, rs12291662, rs1045960, rs620088, rs12719025, rs2708597, rs1058734, rs11734373, rs10753823, rs11181913, rs35446926, rs9608575, rs11555696, rs113628353, rs2072438, rs359260, rs113119541, rs62468101, rs4769824, rs123698, rs62538956, rs10258656, rs2696187, rs935402, rs9788504, rs17817004, rs34096978, rs10520789, rs587289, rs9646588, rs11772758, rs62273875, rs10112386, rs7756435, rs62084693, rs3775228, rs11940147, rs12514897, rs10163854, rs4502168, rs8042462, rs10042371, rs943423, rs880095, rs41396445, rs6547257, rs4130686, rs8042545, rs4711751, rs7730838, rs905224, rs6667260, rs17218455, rs256438, rs11087326, rs353, rs854089, rs7549293, rs72660683, rs36080062, rs9606973, rs4845402, rs855719, rs10839545, rs2276118, rs673253, rs13056506, rs4964008, rs6864640, rs1991401, rs9650252, rs1568072, rs11119421, rs75150349, rs1278092, rs12308700, rs7855188, rs10122788, rs4766878, rs9892466, rs171835, rs7431936, rs448203, rs7634084, rs10218285, rs11659457, rs1489081, rs255049, rs734559, rs2501571, rs7928419, rs199771582, rs246073, rs11103381, rs10793568, rs2259858, rs13268738, rs501057, rs2570495, rs942453, rs11564403, rs1906252, rs4829885, rs147792504, rs6810039, rs4721135, rs9484245, rs3764523, rs79406658, rs76324150, rs6484385, rs35867, rs7596847, rs13190379, rs10416763, rs6946168, rs1532276, rs795288, rs7880414, rs1309551, rs7800245, rs12186577, rs1152698, rs13107325, rs429358, rs10260177, rs11781149, rs4262652, rs121908120, rs7786560, rs10219187, rs1868289, rs13073161, rs62385438, rs710902, rs12511880, rs28526098, rs6549043, rs6995342, rs1599166, rs34437079, rs28588430, rs2378078, rs3739996, rs2028155, rs56284621, rs117821803, rs61334940, rs4052505, rs4839270, rs4869965, rs17313971, rs11127261, rs11758482, rs6120993, rs58287690, rs35337422, rs113761591, rs1029278, rs3785837, rs9379066, rs807037, rs9217, rs3750847, rs1328371, rs7737179, rs12778014, rs45502300, rs6954078, rs14165, rs60743220, rs12896393, rs2017765, rs4793501, rs11037404, rs198443, rs35497503, rs10100265, rs1371951, rs1571590, rs73294488, rs300751, rs9824877, rs144311425, rs11178450, rs17032696, rs1118543, rs73175083, rs4738094, rs115152181, rs12492279, rs6988919, rs8039459, rs1550870, rs6519240, rs75601727, rs556161, rs4635359, rs1790165, rs2074302, rs1468993, rs2229741, rs12568187, rs235770, rs9547035, rs3781196, rs34961350, rs59473955, rs12883788, rs17834080, rs1700943, rs1150687, rs7947524, rs9309272, rs192716, rs7042950, rs7162310, rs6670896, rs16978339, rs1064583, rs73157695, rs9535263, rs2076309, rs12234576, rs17420551, rs4145443, rs10895869, rs11145461, rs17428076, rs34217772, rs1254314, rs10842971, rs7525202, rs8075811, rs62070229, rs2842083, rs7222840, rs56299331, rs1556867, rs178597, rs511217, rs56036047, rs9747347, rs1340044, rs2808514, rs2155413, rs2017760, rs6767786, rs2855530, rs12965607, rs5442, rs74764079, rs61049169, rs7895108, rs2573081, rs4517452, rs724154, rs16890057, rs1961579, rs2908972, rs1550094, rs72621438, rs3138142, rs11606250, rs17648524, rs7744813, rs524952, rs12193446

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