The First Step

For far too long, companies offering direct-to-consumer DNA sequencing have charged people to get genetic reports. They then turn around and sell your data for more money without you knowing about it.

Today’s the day we’re changing how your genetic information is shared forever. Starting right now, you don’t have to give away your valuable data anymore to DNA sequencing companies who are going to sell it without your knowledge. It’s the day you take back ownership of your most personal data, with the launch of the Nebula Genomics platform.

In the words of our co-founder George Church:

“today marks the first step in realizing a world in which individuals control and are compensated for use of their genetic data by medical researchers.”

Nebula lets you connect directly with the research community that needs access to your data, and puts you in charge of who gets to use it. And there are a lot of researchers out there who are eager to have this kind of data. It promises to make drug design cheaper and faster and help usher in the era of personalized medicine.

We’re different from other DNA sequencing companies in a lot of ways. Ownership is one. Trust is another. Using blockchain and encryption technology, we give you privacy and transparency in dealing with the research community. We’ve built a system where you don’t need to trust us.

We’re also removing another barrier to sharing genomic data: the cost of having your genome sequenced. We’re offering members of the Nebula community something none of our competitors do, the opportunity to have your whole genome sequenced for free, with the cost paid by researchers who want access to that data. If you’d rather have your sequencing done immediately, you can purchase that directly from us for just $99. And we’ll do it with next-generation sequencing that examines your entire genome. You get a much more thorough analysis of ancestry and inherited traits, while researchers will get data that’s thousands of times richer.

Our goal is to entirely change the way that genetic information is shared, and as a result, provide researchers with data they can use as they search for breakthrough cures, help prevent disease, and advance personalized medicine.

As George said, today is a first step. We’re glad you’re part of our community from the start. We’ve got a lot of building left to do and we want to hear your feedback along the way to make the Nebula experience one you love.

We invite you to learn more, to sign up on our platform at, and to share the news with the hashtag #SpitWithPurpose.

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