Cerebral cortex surface area (Grasby, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: The genetic architecture of the human cerebral cortex

SUMMARY: Identification of over 250 genetic loci associated with cortical surface area.

OVERVIEW: The cerebral cortex is the outer layer of the brain that is responsible for cognitive tasks such as perception, thought and memory. It is characterized by folds that increase its surface area. To identify genetic variants associated with human cortical surface area, this study combined genetic data with brain imaging data from over 50,000 individuals. The study discovered over 250 genetic regions, which collectively explain an estimated 34% of the heritability of cortical surface area. Many of the identified genetic variants are linked to genes in the Wnt signaling pathway, which are active by neural progenitor cells during fetal development. Moreover, the study found that cortical surface area is positively correlated with educational attainment and Parkinson’s disease and negatively correlated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, and neuroticism.

DID YOU KNOW? Folds in the cerebral cortex of the brain allow a large number of neurons to be packed into a small space. This has enabled the development of advanced brain functions. [SOURCE]

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Sample results for cerebral cortex surface area

ANALYZED VARIANTS: rs1080066 rs4924346 rs4924345 rs2279829 rs62002282 rs79600142 rs2279829 rs10851385 rs10278627 rs4924345 rs1822105 rs73313052 rs73313052 rs11759026 rs68175985 rs2033939 rs10878349 rs76341705 rs117193619 rs4273712 rs2336714 rs2279829 rs4897178 rs62367903 rs769344141 rs73313052 rs2164950 rs4706392 rs34464850 rs2279830 rs4721802 rs4437022 rs11684511 rs68175985 rs28496034 rs4841029 rs200291097 rs10520129 rs78502100 rs34322452 rs72722993 rs2358483 rs62005276 rs117892760 rs72722993 rs17834032 rs10851383 rs9545158 rs1628768 rs1057626 rs4291964 rs6812278 rs9401907 rs2999158 rs62399042 rs3770776 rs76465453 rs1223090 rs4897179 rs3862145 rs1413536 rs688409 rs639016 rs4895120 rs552305 rs27540 rs6461386 rs160458 rs389020 rs79272390 rs13011264 rs2999158 rs114489117 rs7147119 rs10851385 rs141834426 rs78155705 rs10765918 rs10237280 rs142706617 rs2022130 rs10283100 rs148182077 rs10940512 rs9345125 rs905124 rs11070172 rs13318870 rs159540 rs9401907 rs4924345 rs4842266 rs4706391 rs72691108 rs221326 rs7141150 rs11695609 rs61901866 rs7714191 rs74580701 rs59373415 rs7601767 rs7559976 rs58066679 rs7184835 rs10765918 rs72761270 rs115877304 rs9399245 rs35612915 rs2802295 rs11154343 rs35937770 rs143442432 rs7728751 rs9375477 rs113198643 rs9401907 rs1122688 rs56290730 rs62057070 rs9863836 rs11070185 rs30641 rs4915928 rs35391898 rs9309013 rs1262478 rs1080066 rs11171739 rs6554054 rs156795 rs142301939 rs1934057 rs77470370 rs1822105 rs971550 rs17464221 rs273587 rs2200225 rs2287283 rs11033898 rs11070197 rs11250033 rs6812278 rs17376456 rs75341124 rs4334415 rs6682671 rs12536836 rs4811476 rs6840242 rs10749233 rs61508189 rs7809950 rs2736373 rs115241741 rs1792354 rs4840425 rs7764016 rs313135 rs9881533 rs58321169 rs17884482 rs80241863 rs4895532 rs7996803 rs79272390 rs35342371 rs59614433 rs11789773 rs371426453 rs13021985 rs10064431 rs10094141 rs76470478 rs1420791 rs2889657 rs6855246 rs4751614 rs13115025 rs7529542 rs949279 rs8034885 rs12826248 rs12357321 rs62007727 rs140045876 rs6022786 rs6766244 rs3862145 rs13212044 rs73006822 rs62132522 rs16829649 rs4918016 rs117193619 rs4147321 rs2202895 rs34969 rs6603991 rs12764880 rs9856782 rs888814 rs28410513 rs7980991 rs56007616 rs2144366 rs10100760 rs12626790 rs62132521 rs7728751 rs12630663 rs73006822 rs4747503 rs17179798 rs2346756 rs78445564 rs7378179 rs75625671 rs1503738 rs9545145 rs7123402 rs1165645 rs305437 rs2409691 rs7143623 rs75921753 rs12794347 rs40115 rs2269084 rs770408932 rs76398229 rs2301718 rs11248061 rs12921392 rs7715167 rs76696867 rs170239 rs17718831 rs149998495 rs1014444 rs10653411 rs150476910 rs35486640 rs16822665 rs71427711 rs7148896 rs1178101 rs2033939 rs11631253 rs27493 rs8103974 rs73685918 rs7097933 rs28633576 rs7862092 rs441890 rs17669337 rs12938190 rs28514429 rs13208234 rs7914158 rs147753572 rs7155669 rs12548232 rs35576477 rs386424 rs1123680 rs10459586 rs1822951 rs79487293 rs28551708

Cerebral cortex (Video)
Outer layer of the brain

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