Hydroxyvitamin D level (Revez, 2020)

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STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association study identifies 143 loci associated with 25 hydroxyvitamin D concentration

SUMMARY: Discovery of 143 genomic regions associated with 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels, an indicator of vitamin D levels in the body.

OVERVIEW: Vitamin D is essential for the body. It helps to maintain strong bones, healthy teeth, and may also protect against an array of diseases such as type 1 diabetes. While vitamin D is not present in many foods we eat, our bodies naturally produce it in response to sun exposure. This is what gives vitamin D the nickname “sunshine vitamin”. Produced vitamin D is further processed by the body in a series of chemical reactions. One of these reactions turns vitamin D into 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD), a commonly measured indicator of vitamin D levels in the body. This genome-wide association study examined over 417,000 individuals of European ancestry to identify genetic variants linked with 25OHD levels. The study found 143 variants. Many of the variants are found near genes active in the liver, the organ responsible for turning vitamin D to 25OHD. Other variants were located in genes related to processes in the skin.

DID YOU KNOW? Low vitamin D levels can lead to a range of health issues, including tiredness, aches, and bone pain. Individuals who spend large amounts of time indoors, live in areas with high levels of pollution, and those with darker skin are all at an increased risk of low vitamin D levels. In addition to more sun, increased consumption of salmon, shrimp, milk fortified with vitamin D, and taking vitamin supplements are commonly recommended. [SOURCE]

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VITAMIN D-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs1352846, rs116970203, rs12794714, rs212100, rs117576073, rs10859995, rs12803256, rs34407256, rs12123821, rs8018720, rs1800588, rs261291, rs2012736, rs12056768, rs2762943, rs17216707, rs139148694, rs12798050, rs2131925, rs2585442, rs705117, rs200210321, rs964184, rs10426, rs1260326, rs35408430, rs28364331, rs55829990, rs10908465, rs2248551, rs1149605, rs6782190, rs140371183, rs13104260, rs7412, rs7528419, rs11542462, rs142158911, rs72997623, rs2229742, rs35057908, rs78168201, rs484195, rs368637654, rs12317268, rs6123359, rs61816761, rs76798800, rs11732896, rs6671730, rs1229984, rs2847500, rs804281, rs4575545, rs1933064, rs187429064, rs2952289, rs1047891, rs6672758, rs4121823, rs2074735, rs727857, rs2037511, rs867772, rs11108368, rs7784802, rs7522116, rs763058201, rs8091117, rs762456196, rs77924615, rs78649910, rs10085881, rs7604788, rs28692966, rs34290760, rs61891388, rs72834856, rs1660839, rs11076175, rs7569755, rs28367476, rs613808, rs325384, rs11264322, rs4364259, rs3925446, rs7149014, rs11182428, rs541041, rs9861009, rs2207132, rs17231506, rs3849374, rs77532868, rs10454087, rs11458206, rs4616820, rs138385079, rs10908419, rs62007299, rs10070734, rs769249577, rs11591147, rs11606, rs1038165, rs61883501, rs9476310, rs115621755, rs8113404, rs4738684, rs35230619, rs3814995, rs13060130, rs28374650, rs2710651, rs6966728, rs75741381, rs590215, rs2346264, rs12372115, rs73413596, rs556230166, rs112943319, rs4327060, rs78151190, rs13284054, rs10642047, rs4418728, rs6003456, rs10887718, rs11127186, rs12881545, rs9490317, rs31612, rs2725371

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