Nasal Polyps (Kristjansson, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: A loss-of-function variant in ALOX15 protects against nasal polyps and chronic rhinosinusitis

SUMMARY: Identification of 10 genetic variants associated with the development of nasal polyps.

OVERVIEW:  Nasal polyps are growths that form along the lining of the nasal cavity. While not cancerous, they can eventually cause blockage of the nasal passage leading to breathing problems and a loss of smell. At the time of the publication of this study, no genetic risk factors for nasal polyp were known. This study examined the genomes of over 700,000 individuals of European descent and discovered 10 genetic variants, many near genes that play a role in inflammation. It was previously reported that chronic nasal inflammation increases the risk of developing nasal polyps. The findings of this study shed some light on this connection.

DID YOU KNOW? Because dry air can trigger inflammation of the nasal cavity, the use of a humidifier may help prevent recurring inflammation and the development of polyps. [SOURCE]

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nasal polyps sample results

POLYP-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs1391371, rs1888909, rs1837253, rs34210653, rs1444782, rs17718444, rs338598, rs6543124, rs174535, rs1050152

Nasal Polyps

WEEKLY UPDATE: December 26, 2019

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