QT interval (Arking, 2014)

STUDY TITLE: Genetic association study of QT interval highlights role for calcium signaling pathways in myocardial repolarization

SUMMARY: Identification of 22 novel genomic regions associated with the QT interval duration, which is the time it takes for a heart to recharge for the beat.

OVERVIEW: An electrical wave travels through your heart every time it beats.  After every heartbeat, your heart takes time to repolarize, or “recharge,” before the next heartbeat. This time is known as the QT interval. The longer the QT interval, the longer it takes your heart to recharge between heartbeats. Overly long intervals are a risk factor for heart-related conditions, such as abnormal heartbeats and sudden cardiac death. This study examined the genomes of over 100,000 individuals, most of whom were of European descent, to better understand the genetic basis of QT interval duration. The study identified 35 genomic regions associated with the trait, of which 22 are novel. Several of these genomic regions encode proteins involved in the calcium signaling pathway, highlighting the importance of calcium signaling in the recharging of the heart.

DID YOU KNOW? The duration of the QT interval can be measured with an electrocardiogram (ECG). It is a common and painless test that only takes about five to ten minutes. [SOURCE]

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QT interval length sample results

QT-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs12143842, rs11153730, rs246196, rs7122937, rs2072413, rs846111, rs10919070, rs735951, rs6793245, rs1396515, rs1052536, rs1805128, rs2298632, rs9892651, rs12997023, rs246185, rs3026445, rs3105593, rs295140, rs2273905, rs10040989, rs174583, rs11779860, rs7765828, rs1296720, rs938291, rs2363719, rs3857067, rs16936870, rs1961102, rs7561149, rs728926, rs17784882, rs9920, rs2485376

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