Television watching for leisure (van de Vegte, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association studies and Mendelian randomization analyses for leisure sedentary behaviours

SUMMARY: Identification of 145 genetic variants associated with leisure television watching.

OVERVIEW: Leisure sedentary behaviors, like watching Netflix and playing Animal Crossing, sure can be fun! In fact, the average adult in the United Kingdom spends an average of 5 hours per day on activities like this. However, research suggests that long periods of sedentary behaviors could increase an individual’s risk for conditions like coronary artery disease. This study aimed to identify genomic regions associated with leisure sedentary behaviors, in particular television watching, computer use, and driving, and examine whether there are links to coronary artery disease. To this end, the researchers examined genomic data from over 420,000 individuals of European ancestry from the UK Biobank. For leisure television watching, the researchers identified 145 associated genomic regions. Further analysis showed that an increase in time spent watching television increased the risk of coronary artery disease by over 40%.

DID YOU KNOW? Being distracted by activities like watching television while eating a meal tends to make people eat more! Try to cut down on multitasking while eating to ensure you’re not overeating, which increases the risk of multiple medical conditions. [SOURCE]

SAMPLE RESULTS: Learn more about the Nebula Research Library.

television watching sample results

TV WATCHING-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs3796386, rs12554512, rs10189857, rs9718104, rs6905544, rs11689199, rs11455989, rs17379561, rs374722, rs1243182, rs262890, rs142838100, rs10054327, rs6825241, rs7991062, rs2616830, rs9964724, rs11917871, rs801733, rs17789218, rs2916251, rs4577309, rs6797840, rs72834698, rs6131281, rs7184800, rs17568389, rs870151, rs4845364, rs10772643, rs13107325, rs1031423, rs11218575, rs71149398, rs148544378, rs749671, rs72781699, rs9867121, rs3754970, rs11810109, rs61331678, rs142710267, rs17207890, rs2447098, rs66852340, rs2034768, rs756655457, rs548236486, rs10145592, rs10664154, rs6673341, rs7564130, rs263771, rs7189927, rs10041724, rs984409, rs9563168, rs9902312, rs10786658, rs11714337, rs7043521, rs62332760, rs3135044, rs1451533, rs6850494, rs7834121, rs2073869, rs6721975, rs7693082, rs182355396, rs140688232, rs303753, rs2584597, rs9569734, rs56858768, rs7248205, rs56103247, rs140681455, rs1913808, rs540948698, rs77589760, rs149590260, rs67532025, rs2460, rs8756, rs12491503, rs56398417, rs10947452, rs62641636, rs62379379, rs114600294, rs4973576, rs114720649, rs648044, rs10876864, rs5813093, rs10932837, rs6141814, rs34864022, rs139900206, rs9471333, rs10739499, rs4694952, rs12342024, rs6472942, rs111901094, rs3032555, rs34811474, rs10771746, rs10737620, rs11245482, rs7693703, rs779665214, rs2184364, rs759830397, rs17727474, rs9834970, rs74802478, rs7716447, rs7609, rs72725224, rs62471080, rs74996610, rs148648822, rs2971640, rs57585211, rs2173650, rs72828890, rs631130, rs11130793, rs764042828, rs12105701, rs34584334, rs7788008, rs2045147, rs4382592, rs78299451, rs70940164, rs42210, rs71589039, rs2291681, rs553397860, rs78394231

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