Familial short stature (Lin, 2020)

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STUDY TITLE: Genetic Architecture Associated with Familial Short Stature

SUMMARY: Discovery of 10 genetic variants associated with familial short stature.

OVERVIEW: Height varies wildly across the globe! In the Netherlands, the average height for men and women is 6ft and 5ft 7in, respectively. Across the ocean, men and women in Peru are, on average, 5ft 5in and 4ft 11in tall. While environmental factors do contribute to height differences, studies of twins have estimated that nearly 86% of a person’s height may be due to genetics. This study aimed to understand the genetics of familial short stature, which is defined as having a shorter stature than 97% of people of the same age and gender. The researchers examined the genomes of 1,163 individuals of Han Chinese ancestry who were diagnosed with familial short stature. The study discovered 10 novel genetic variants that have not been previously associated with general height. Multiple variants are in genes that play a role in production of hormones that control growth and development.

DID YOU KNOW? Some studies have found a potential link between shorter stature and a decreased risk of developing some cancers. For example, taller women are more likely to develop breast cancer, with a 1.2% increased risk for every 4 inches of height. For men, the risk of prostate cancer also increases with height, roughly 1% for every 4 inches of height. [SOURCE]

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Sample results for familial short stature.

ANALYZED VARIANTS: rs7659854, rs2375843, rs525537, rs116988614, rs7033295, rs13183322, rs202128628, rs117002249

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WEEKLY UPDATE: March 31, 2020