Albuminuria (Teumer, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association meta-analyses and fine-mapping elucidate pathways influencing albuminuria

SUMMARY: Genome-wide identification of 68 variants associated with albuminuria, a key indicator of chronic kidney disease.

DESCRIPTION: The kidneys have an important role of filtering blood to remove wastes from the body. When the kidneys become damaged, important proteins that normally stay in our blood can leak out into our urine. Increased urinary levels of one of these proteins, albumin, is used to diagnose chronic kidney disease. To date, only a few genetic risk factors contributing to heightened albumin levels in the urine have been identified. This trans-ethnic study examined over 560,000 individuals of European, African, East Asian, South Asian, and Hispanic ancestry to improve our understanding of genetic predisposition to kidney damage. The study identified 68 genetic variants associated with elevated levels of albumin proteins in urine. These variants help explain less than 1% of the heritability of albuminuria. Some of these variants are also correlated with elevated fat levels in the blood, high blood pressure, and gout (a type of inflammatory arthritis).

DID YOU KNOW? Cooking meals from “scratch” instead of eating prepared foods can help to limit excess salt and sugar intake, reducing your chances of developing chronic kidney disease. [SOURCE]

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ALBUMINURIA-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs45551835, rs1337526, rs2470893, rs4410790, rs4665972, rs1047891, rs17158386, rs2070803, rs8031650, rs1145078, rs3734692, rs28601761, rs11882796, rs10207567, rs776434, rs6535594, rs2023843, rs112607182, rs12714144, rs3784283, rs10023335, rs67339103, rs1544935, rs1688031, rs11158763, rs73065147, rs147215801, rs11659764, rs508205, rs57858280, rs40480, rs15052, rs78444298, rs2240060, rs2068888, rs677888, rs13230845, rs11078597, rs113139575, rs34071855, rs162890, rs7115200, rs78999781, rs1309550, rs2880119, rs10110261, rs1010553, rs28412751, rs146311723, rs3850625, rs819636, rs10491967, rs6142630, rs16864515, rs6998967, rs11030024, rs2760995, rs2460448, rs2793351


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