Bone Density (Kemp, 2017)

STUDY TITLE: Identification of 153 new loci associated with heel bone mineral density and functional involvement of GPC6 in osteoporosis

SUMMARY: Identification of 153 new genetic variants associated with bone mineral density.

OVERVIEW:  Bone mineral density is the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue. High bone mineral density means stronger bones and a lower risk of fractures and osteoporosis. This genome-wide study analyzed the genomes of over 142,000 individuals of European ancestry and discovered 153 novel genetic variants that are associated with bone mineral density. In total, the study reports 307 independent genetic variants that jointly explain ~ 12% of the variance in bone mineral density. The study also links many bone mineral density-associated variants to the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

DID YOU KNOW? To keep your bones healthy, adopt a protein- and calcium-rich diet, exercise regularly (in particular running or weight-bearing exercise), and abstain from alcohol as well as tobacco use. [SOURCE]

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VARIANTS ASSOCIATED WITH BONE DENSITY: rs2536195, rs10668066, rs4869744, rs7741021, rs7099953, rs2941741, rs4233949, rs115242848, rs1414660, rs7255601, rs649693, rs10130587, rs1159798, rs9402490, rs1878526, rs1717731, rs10858944, rs6589301, rs71446481, rs6956946, rs35401268, rs12525051, rs4505759, rs34963268, rs58973023, rs113166754, rs4440558, rs9491689, rs10931982, rs62159864, rs34138479, rs35713211, rs1941749, rs11029901, rs117481343, rs370387, rs2929308, rs7576689, rs7209826, rs118115924, rs134639, rs11364492, rs2504069, rs10276670, rs35816040, rs1048932, rs7519889, rs12806687, rs17236800, rs1036902, rs11088458, rs10713212, rs947091, rs2008411, rs1980854, rs62198536, rs117111740, rs17662822, rs143243230, rs188810925, rs71378512, rs17457340, rs6117854, rs72829754, rs547545, rs112069922, rs2737252, rs4988321, rs144647275, rs344083, rs150694678, rs144339224, rs11636403, rs757980, rs34952318, rs212417, rs11209240, rs3829241, rs72805220, rs6040006, rs85, rs525678, rs61887821, rs71390846, rs6134038, rs4397637, rs17680862, rs7959604, rs149333699, rs17602572, rs7527300, rs10244184, rs7088220, rs884205, rs56928337, rs3790608, rs2708632, rs34136481, rs537120594, rs62558340, rs114847962, rs2696264, rs9932220, rs4807629, rs2275707, rs8002850, rs10199437, rs1133400, rs56082403, rs1386625, rs10249754, rs72655796, rs10992867, rs6839437, rs10490046, rs2836613, rs17307280, rs11228219, rs62028332, rs7003794, rs170634, rs377062541, rs5880046, rs3092018, rs202234992, rs2668602, rs2301522, rs62621812, rs66864335, rs12241932, rs1352014, rs8108787, rs4675694, rs10875906, rs4959677, rs74971894, rs12041600, rs17507577, rs201324539, rs587729126, rs2376600, rs1877998, rs71059192, rs9379084, rs7074558, rs5952416, rs239677, rs368510, rs72868839, rs11869530, rs11637971, rs6680737, rs13044413, rs28550561, rs13056435, rs6701290, rs2542710, rs1415701, rs11915970, rs139603701, rs559181, rs35417399, rs1042704, rs1428968, rs11832031, rs10790255, rs117108011, rs34725069, rs184953495, rs62195575, rs11679645, rs6454314, rs73997493, rs74119759, rs187925403, rs6040068, rs1080789, rs10943130, rs7535122, rs2675952, rs143581991, rs2509353, rs16961974, rs6489548, rs11875132, rs10145299, rs603424, rs77630528, rs3170167, rs7301013, rs12154498, rs17688827, rs3095208, rs7516171, rs56969212, rs28744551, rs2279743, rs6547870, rs149504726, rs72976751, rs1622638, rs1078514, rs17514738, rs74439044, rs8069036, rs17501090, rs78015143, rs55787537, rs6471752, rs2624847, rs11067228, rs56185026, rs1487241, rs9260426, rs10022648, rs12529766, rs6761129, rs4589135, rs191147097, rs10013456, rs557266652, rs62454420, rs183979857, rs1005502, rs11196171, rs56235417, rs35363078, rs17595156, rs4888151, rs13345456, rs73029263, rs72767980, rs371471055, rs75077113, rs147048550, rs147720516, rs7969076, rs34687052, rs9327301, rs68192277, rs7578166, rs2188092, rs10885447, rs283324, rs4806832, rs28587205, rs10749436, rs6882422, rs55874297, rs12340775, rs113196631, rs1149821, rs4239232, rs143043662, rs201402819, rs11729023, rs62164915, rs1502199, rs7036453, rs302101, rs34202212, rs1724298, rs1560633, rs11133474, rs9972653, rs10206992, rs78180894, rs4360494, rs5860048, rs528738, rs142515962, rs3776221, rs34588551, rs17598132, rs1323168, rs6870556, rs58057291, rs4505077, rs371350765, rs10637379, rs12714415, rs13328356, rs174574, rs111506224, rs4818988, rs72635657, rs133441, rs8023466, rs35498021, rs7069328, rs633891, rs76243438, rs4708620, rs72186592

Bone mineral density

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