Brain age (Jonsson, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: Brain age prediction using deep learning uncovers associated sequence variants

SUMMARY: Identification of 2 genetic variants associated with brain aging.

OVERVIEW:  Aging is associated with structural changes in the brain. This study developed an algorithm to predict age from brain images. Predicted age difference (PAD), a measure for accelerated aging, was calculated by subtracting the chronological age from the predicted age. The calculated PADs were used in a genome-wide association analysis that included over 16,000 participants of European ancestry and linked 2 genetic variants to accelerated brain aging. The first variant was correlated with the width of the grooves on the brain’s surface and the second variant was linked to the area of white matter (connections between brain regions) observed in brain images.

DID YOU KNOW? Studies have shown that feeling young correlates with slower brain aging. People who feel younger might lead a more physically and mentally active life, which could translate to brain health benefits. [SOURCE]

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White matter
Brain grooves

WEEKLY UPDATE: December 2, 2019

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