Breast Cancer (Fachal, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Fine-mapping of 150 breast cancer risk regions identifies 191 likely target genes.

SUMMARY: Identification of 206 genetic variants associated with a risk of developing breast cancer.

OVERVIEW: Breast cancer is currently the second most common cancer among women (behind skin cancer), affecting nearly 1 in 8 during their lifetime. Nearly 10% of all cases of breast cancer are thought to be hereditary. This study examined genetic data from over 215,000 women of European ancestry to identify genetic regions associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The analysis discovered 206 variants across 129 genomic regions strongly associated with breast cancer risk. Collectively these genetic variants explain over 20% of the hereditary cancer risk. Many of the discovered variants are near genes that are related to the immune system, which indicates its importance in protecting us against cancer.

DID YOU KNOW? Research suggests that long-term exposure to some plastics may increase the risk of developing breast cancer. In particular, plastics that contain bisphenol A (BPA). It is believed to interfere with the hormone system by mimicking the female sex hormone, estrogen. Look for the “BPA free” label on plastics and consider switching to a reusable water bottle made of metal or glass. [SOURCE]

SAMPLE RESULTS: Learn more about the Nebula Research Library.

breast cancer sample results

ANALYZED VARIANTS: rs4784227, rs10941679, rs4442975, rs11249433, rs186430430, rs659713, rs62355902, rs7297051, rs10995201, rs1353783, rs10069690, rs138522813, rs35378451, rs2403907, rs754416, rs17356907, rs244321, rs1352944, rs60037937, rs620315, rs2307561, rs45631563, rs199660865, rs55872725, rs4951401, rs78540526, rs66987842, rs8105994, rs7098100, rs851984, rs31864, rs34133739, rs12173562, rs7664956, rs5838651, rs657244, rs7465364, rs9938021, rs657686, rs12881240, rs9421409, rs56344893, rs2736107, rs10816625, rs11373454, rs2478777, rs6787391, rs2992756, rs35263707, rs13294895, rs4849879, rs10762851, rs4286946, rs5995543, rs7813150, rs2003526, rs11571833, rs9925952, rs13153426, rs143384623, rs71403627, rs62334412, rs4950774, rs2016394, rs984113, rs3769821, rs56387622, rs35422, rs78955132, rs405447, rs12706954, rs2059891, rs12250948, rs7625643, rs12048493, rs1964292, rs28539243, rs527616, rs56722914, rs9952980, rs12594752, rs7796917, rs1057941, rs11341843, rs190443933, rs72755295, rs548082010, rs1882155, rs13294352, rs848088, rs7017073, rs12039667, rs4076654, rs35409891, rs138026227, rs35961416, rs148509105, rs17879961, rs4871411, rs74174203, rs17625845, rs419018, rs150957507, rs6854739, rs571173399, rs17617028, rs745382, rs78105464, rs7763102, rs1879854, rs112497245, rs10034903, rs200835870, rs71973726, rs61862474, rs78440108, rs67397200, rs6973318, rs62485509, rs58847541, rs506186, rs10096351, rs117618124, rs2328531, rs5997389, rs6569648, rs7541276, rs12422552, rs2822999, rs11448973, rs11102701, rs373575834, rs34810249, rs10641009, rs671888, rs1600346, rs10184522, rs11117754, rs7785971, rs537267133, rs199661266, rs12652713, rs2587505, rs13015648, rs2384061, rs12970390, rs2012709, rs7589172, rs1469713, rs3819405, rs35383942, rs7971, rs7081544, rs11382527, rs2981578, rs79309050, rs13020413, rs4800749, rs17303163, rs184486140, rs9619765, rs8137282, rs11583393, rs13267382, rs4066743, rs7529522, rs6500580, rs62070949, rs555060306, rs150804576, rs17513613, rs59867004, rs201000337, rs8063564, rs13066793, rs200366104, rs78269692, rs16991615, rs11704298, rs368848598, rs11067765, rs3846498, rs17432750, rs7730210, rs9573140, rs180952292, rs149934734, rs2363956, rs35054928, rs79388591, rs9918437, rs144101714, rs7899765, rs66496128, rs17467658, rs4587, rs184070480, rs10472097, rs72764096, rs7740686, rs7763637

Breast cancer

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