Corneal resistance factor (Simcoe, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association study of corneal biomechanical properties identifies over 200 loci providing insight into the genetic aetiology of ocular diseases

SUMMARY: Identification of 258 genetic variants associated with the corneal resistance factor.

OVERVIEW: The cornea is a dome-shaped “window” covering the front part of the eye. It serves to both protect the eye and focus light to help us see. Damage to the cornea can be detrimental to eyesight, so doctors commonly use a number of metrics to measure the cornea’s health. One metric is the corneal resistance factor, which measures the total resistance ability of the cornea. A low corneal resistance factor has previously been connected to glaucoma and other disorders of the eye. This genome-wide association study of over 100,000 individuals of European ancestry sought to identify variants correlated with corneal resistance factor. The study found 258 genetic variants linked to the corneal resistance factor. Many of the variants associated with corneal resistance factor were also linked to corneal hysteresis, another key measurement of the cornea’s health that was examined in this study.

DID YOU KNOW? To prevent corneal injuries is it highly recommended to wear safety glasses when performing housework such as using a drill or spraying pesticides. [SOURCE]

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corneal resistance factor sample results

RESISTANCE FACTOR-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs76210128, rs7635832, rs28425635, rs142493024, rs12686184, rs72755233, rs11659764, rs11616662, rs74948688, rs77542162, rs7722242, rs139657047, rs12493217, rs6792542, rs139498917, rs56009602, rs121908120, rs72620820, rs2393728, rs7863424, rs448203, rs471064, rs908839, rs8070232, rs2797575, rs1200108, rs12913547, rs6415788, rs150629672, rs1042917, rs75828199, rs11789898, rs2645775, rs4582532, rs7936322, rs4656744, rs2325812, rs79552011, rs6910919, rs11774662, rs12150284, rs62257174, rs7025044, rs4641686, rs11594610, rs12526513, rs3132302, rs943423, rs2875238, rs10814543, rs13108668, rs2980046, rs11077857, rs10071507, rs9510275, rs10817467, rs62279163, rs62014489, rs17665178, rs3740685, rs7524924, rs2109019, rs116713089, rs34869, rs2468511, rs8016138, rs11917483, rs10922476, rs10758571, rs12498681, rs75995975, rs1931656, rs11014595, rs6816503, rs10138009, rs35351529, rs62292473, rs187977459, rs58671886, rs66613683, rs2745950, rs544072714, rs6437582, rs12939159, rs66756859, rs10871335, rs534975221, rs2035835, rs11689201, rs1794824, rs1772570, rs1573019, rs7403354, rs7919525, rs13018808, rs13071684, rs66560819, rs3782473, rs1344672, rs6501742, rs2950790, rs12193050, rs58933977, rs2505507, rs34372952, rs11602544, rs11772848, rs1042499, rs10124941, rs17819228, rs256869, rs4846306, rs115040818, rs249768, rs6874844, rs75529319, rs4646785, rs41310169, rs62289359, rs1113483, rs663044, rs882855, rs67239293, rs61301974, rs11857536, rs712097, rs1206035, rs7282723, rs6113029, rs9669278, rs4561781, rs2143109, rs6726007, rs78036526, rs10170879, rs3904683, rs840464, rs17089329, rs3775840, rs9844666, rs4846476, rs236940, rs6072289, rs4938174, rs13089362, rs8072109, rs12731820, rs7903474, rs61162043, rs61528732, rs62269315, rs9364323, rs10492232, rs10510110, rs3810027, rs9285863, rs73224432, rs1580697, rs7394259, rs180976308, rs4578552, rs2237421, rs78253835, rs4653159, rs12686780, rs13297186, rs144596877, rs12309229, rs62075722, rs3890958, rs41281862, rs9688830, rs16856870, rs4077168, rs1451018, rs73181764, rs4790881, rs6676809, rs1366689, rs6749785, rs11245342, rs1469024, rs6715589, rs13073544, rs1499894, rs1844594, rs10151339, rs72843943, rs7623659, rs139002703, rs1414154, rs4819855, rs117801489, rs56114706, rs807037, rs58627364, rs11688492, rs11499034, rs28368296, rs114797817, rs2032423, rs10865493, rs1956213, rs1445844, rs2806681, rs141621919, rs2616418, rs215545, rs2348477, rs13138854, rs12790261, rs2301742, rs17006525, rs76667725, rs16893327, rs4827893, rs141773782, rs10045442, rs2167972, rs2256606, rs117693113, rs116899497, rs224979, rs12448432, rs10853015, rs6725266, rs116998555, rs13141170, rs2160726, rs7886690, rs8068844, rs113542380, rs393091, rs7319674, rs141951483, rs12354975, rs149879035, rs10010325, rs4794213, rs1113231, rs11730582, rs10172196, rs17182988, rs183759316, rs4345115, rs10901294, rs74454622, rs77583146, rs868949, rs1991161, rs8041717, rs151190321, rs2286936, rs13208672, rs8071654, rs142662688, rs2836484, rs154001

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