Optic Disc Size (Hun, 2019)

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association analysis of 95,549 individuals identifies novel loci and genes influencing optic disc morphology

SUMMARY: Identification of 115 genetic variants associated with the size of the optic disc.

OVERVIEW:  The optic disc is an oval structure in the back of the eye that represents the exit point of the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain. A small optic disc size is correlated with vulnerability of optic nerves to various degenerative diseases. To better understand genetic determinants of optic disc size, this study analyzed the genomes of over 95,000 individuals of European ancestry and discovered 115 genetic variants associated with optic disc size of which 90 are novel. Some of the identified variants have been previously associated with eye pressure, glaucoma and nearsightedness.

DID YOU KNOW? To keep your eyes healthy, protect them from the sun, have annual eye checkups, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, exercise regularly, and control your blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. [SOURCE]

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optic disc size sample results

OPTIC DISC SIZE-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs7916410, rs9988687, rs4658101, rs3835100, rs11808696, rs5762752, rs6787363, rs7196852, rs11079419, rs10862708, rs77587000, rs12137699, rs17398137, rs7482884, rs9905786, rs56385951, rs4839470, rs112166936, rs13070614, rs10483727, rs12024620, rs74764079, rs12436074, rs73173591, rs72759609, rs28514893, rs76567987, rs9534439, rs3857971, rs74056359, rs34607745, rs787540, rs7744813, rs4858678, rs1930941, rs8034595, rs742127, rs11602582, rs74891390, rs12471698, rs10512176, rs61975075, rs9330799, rs11639803, rs12547416, rs2092524, rs9967780, rs906568, rs13283933, rs1905014, rs1550094, rs9287914, rs10764494, rs4832012, rs35285683, rs7717697, rs11564398, rs7188859, rs72784719, rs4285804, rs77877421, rs934237, rs57742792, rs116072427, rs698153, rs34536594, rs71296770, rs6673575, rs2033054, rs10957177, rs11584075, rs10164395, rs6030, rs6999835, rs17734073, rs251526, rs2149108, rs13417287, rs2761882, rs11114001, rs12619508, rs62391624, rs16909978, rs9330813, rs3754442, rs7096311, rs59199978, rs11627052, rs13022913, rs78977588, rs1126809, rs340762, rs10823610, rs163524, rs599892, rs1852148, rs10910, rs911526, rs6860726, rs7620608, rs7615960, rs7610486, rs2266963, rs2220051, rs10084346, rs28840750, rs2430356, rs11684168, rs8076249, rs80218807, rs9852867, rs1901440, rs30371, rs28603236, rs13264644

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