Resting Heart Rate (Eppinga, 2016)

STUDY TITLE: Identification of genomic loci associated with resting heart rate and shared genetic predictors with all-cause mortality

SUMMARY: Identification of 64 genetic loci that are associated with resting heart rate, a key predictor of cardiovascular health.

OVERVIEW:  The heart rate is the number of times that the heart beats per minute. In adults, the resting heart rate is typically 60 to 100 beats per minute. A lower resting heart rate indicates a more efficient function of the heart and better health. People who are physically very fit, for example professional runners, may have a resting heart rate as low as 40 beats per minute! Conversely, an elevated resting heart rate can be a predictor of high blood pressure, heart disease, and heart failure. This study aimed to better understand the genetic influence on the trait by analyzing the genomes of over 265,000 individuals of various ancestries. The study identified 64 genetic loci, including 46 novel loci, that correlate with resting heart rate. Together, all the identified genetic variants explain around 2.5% of the total variance in the trait. The study also found that an elevated resting heart rate is linked to an increased mortality risk. A fast genetically predicted heart rate was associated with a reduction of life expectancy by multiple years.

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resting heart rate sample results

RESTING HEART RATE-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs422068, rs151041685, rs6123471, rs1320761, rs3951016, rs4963772, rs17881696, rs1994135, rs7173389, rs41317993, rs174536, rs17201923, rs7612445, rs272564, rs180239, rs907683, rs1288967, rs2283274, rs867400, rs17180489, rs73158705, rs7194801, rs2152735, rs3915499, rs13002735, rs75190942, rs138186803, rs4868243, rs1260326, rs2076028, rs62172372, rs10739663, rs236349, rs56233017, rs12501032, rs1483890, rs61735998, rs6845865, rs79121763, rs1468333, rs3749237, rs11920570, rs12576326, rs4608502, rs58437978, rs16974196, rs11454451, rs41312411, rs145358377, rs13165531, rs12721051, rs11563648, rs12579753, rs564190295, rs11083258, rs10880689, rs1050288, rs10841486, rs2358740, rs4900069, rs41748, rs12713404, rs17265513, rs748802, rs11081761, rs1549118

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