Male puberty timing (Hollis, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Genomic analysis of male puberty timing highlights shared genetic basis with hair colour and lifespan

SUMMARY: Identification of 29 novel genomic regions associated with male puberty timing.

OVERVIEW:  The timing of puberty, which is the period of sexual maturation for teenage boys and girls, varies widely across individuals. It is a trait that is determined by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. This study aimed to understand the genetic basis of male puberty timing specifically, using voice breaking as a proxy for puberty. To this end, the researchers examined the genomes of over 200,000 males of European descent. The study discovered 76 genomic regions associated with male puberty timing, 29 of which are novel. These genomic regions are linked to genes, such as ALX4 and SRD5A2, which are involved in a growth factor signaling and the conversion of testosterone into a more potent male hormone, dihydrotestosterone. Moreover, the study identified unexpected genetic links between puberty timing and hair color. For example, males with darker hair colors were more likely to have earlier puberty timing relative to males with lighter hair color.

DID YOU KNOW? During puberty, a male’s larynx, or “voice-box,” actually increases in size. This allows the vocal cords to grow thicker such that when they vibrate, the voice sounds deeper. [SOURCE]

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MALE PUBERTY TIMING-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs4801593, rs4717905, rs11873906, rs12983109, rs61168554, rs10765711, rs11761054, rs4911442, rs17193410, rs6473008, rs60856990, rs2311380, rs583269, rs11671893, rs11603453, rs913588, rs12940636, rs12930815, rs1979835, rs11190751, rs10188334, rs6670873, rs780094, rs835648, rs2473234, rs6486116, rs7896371, rs1598656, rs438830, rs10934420, rs12895406, rs10164550, rs58611096, rs4900184, rs11836880, rs4664605, rs2049045, rs1514177, rs1121980, rs2842385, rs767657, rs10110581, rs7136086, rs7853970, rs6925777, rs7905367, rs12766208, rs2923177, rs3743266, rs138625771, rs6560353, rs9690350, rs6006984, rs6014657, rs35063026, rs112881196, rs12203592, rs34437050, rs62379978, rs10919759, rs17190166, rs17833789, rs7402990, rs77578010, rs3824915, rs10980922, rs2186245, rs73182377, rs2222746, rs71578952, rs1856502, rs6589961, rs9408817, rs142058842, rs1659127, rs11156429

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