Male breast cancer (Maguire, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Common susceptibility loci for male breast cancer

SUMMARY: Discovery of 3 novel regions of the genome associated with male breast cancer.

OVERVIEW: Breast cancer is a disease where cells in the breast grow out of control. Though breast cancer is commonly considered a disease that only affects females, males can also be diagnosed with breast cancer. In all, roughly 1 in 800 males will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their life. While many aspects of female and male breast cancer are similar, it is not well understood whether both types of breast cancer share the same genetic risk factors. This genome-wide association study examined nearly 7,000 individuals of European ancestry to better understand the genetic factors associated with breast cancer in males. The study identified 3 novel genomic regions associated with the disease. Notably, these regions have also been linked to the risk of breast cancer in females.

DID YOU KNOW? Male breast cancer is typically diagnosed at later stages than breast cancer in females. Many men do not realize that the condition can affect them, and as a result, do not seek medical treatment as quickly when symptoms arise. [SOURCE]

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male breast cancer sample results

MALE BC-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs1022979, rs78540526, rs35850695, rs3757322, rs9383938, rs2183271, rs4407020

Male breast cancer

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