Long QT Syndrome (Lahrouchi, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Transethnic Genome-Wide Association Study Provides Insights in the Genetic Architecture and Heritability of Long QT Syndrome

SUMMARY: Identification of 3 genomic regions associated with long QT syndrome.

OVERVIEW: The heartbeat is controlled by electrical impulses which normally pause between beats. During that pause, the heart muscles recharge for the next beat. If this recharge takes too long, an electrocardiogram will show a long QT interval. People with long QT intervals can be affected by a fast and chaotic heartbeat which may cause fainting, seizures, and even death. This study compared 1,656 European or Japanese individuals with long QT syndrome to 9,890 healthy controls and found three associated genomic regions.

DID YOU KNOW? Some drugs can cause this syndrome. [SOURCE]

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long qt syndrome sample results

LONG QT-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs12143842, rs179405, rs17061696

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