Luminal A-like breast cancer (Zhang, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association study identifies 32 novel breast cancer susceptibility loci from overall and subtype-specific analyses

SUMMARY: Discovery of novel genetic variants associated with luminal A-like breast cancer.

OVERVIEW: Among women, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer. In fact, about 13% of women in the United States develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Breast cancer types can be classified by tumor markers, such as the receptors found on the surface of cancer cells. Luminal A-like is a subtype of breast cancer with the best prognosis, and it accounts for 30-45% breast cancer cases. It is characterized by cancerous cells originating in the inner, or luminal, cells that line the mammary ducts. Moreover, this breast cancer subtype is characterized by a cancerous growth in response to excess estrogen. This genome-wide association study examined nearly 266,000 individuals of European ancestry to identify genetic variants associated with different breast cancer types, including luminal A-like breast cancer. In total, the researchers identified 330 genomic regions associated with breast cancer types and used them to calculate polygenic scores. For luminal A-like breast cancer, these variants help explain 54.3% of the heritability.

DID YOU KNOW? Studies dating back to the 1940s suggest that breast cancer is more common in the left breast than the right. However, to date, there is no consensus around why this is the case. [SOURCE]

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luminal A-like breast cancer sample results

LUMINAL A-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs9712235, rs4602255, rs1375631, rs188092014, rs13256025, rs13277568, rs4742903, rs11652463, rs495367, rs7924772, rs78378222, rs206435, rs6065254, rs17215231, rs612683, rs616488, rs7513707, rs12406858, rs637868, rs11249433, rs111458676, rs11205303, rs12091730, rs2992756, rs35383942, rs6686987, rs7514172, rs2785646, rs2576261, rs11117758, rs11118563, rs72755295, rs4233486, rs114282204, rs707475, rs17426269, rs2151842, rs78425380, rs6746250, rs17625845, rs10164550, rs10179592, rs17726078, rs1550622, rs2356656, rs6743383, rs10197246, rs4442975, rs11693806, rs3791977, rs4676356, rs6725517, rs12472404, rs4322799, rs6756513, rs1036759, rs58058861, rs9882792, rs552647, rs112476261, rs17838698, rs56387622, rs6762558, rs2886671, rs9825432, rs13066793, rs639355, rs62331150, rs56039025, rs28436676, rs62334414, rs13147907, rs10012017, rs17014016, rs17157372, rs335160, rs1428387, rs10069690, rs6860806, rs6596100, rs62329727, rs1432679, rs17611291, rs10074269, rs6864691, rs4868701, rs4866496, rs116095464, rs187108781, rs4613718, rs10941679, rs17343002, rs889310, rs16886165, rs76250845, rs11949391, rs113778879, rs3010266, rs157557, rs332529, rs418053, rs2121348, rs6913578, rs60954078, rs851984, rs6904031, rs910416, rs3819405, rs9364472, rs6940159, rs12211970, rs9358466, rs34196306, rs111342015, rs73754909, rs71559437, rs7800548, rs12706954, rs68056147, rs62485509, rs7971, rs289997, rs74765302, rs13244925, rs17268829, rs4439053, rs111963714, rs62517052, rs12546444, rs13267382, rs62526620, rs35542655, rs12541094, rs7842619, rs12550713, rs10096351, rs1016578, rs7830152, rs66823261, rs1028016, rs310295, rs9693444, rs13365225, rs1511243, rs72658084, rs1533366, rs10816625, rs13294895, rs7848334, rs630965, rs1895062, rs3861871, rs17694493, rs4880038, rs10975870, rs665889, rs10120432, rs10885405, rs12250948, rs9421410, rs45631580, rs45631563, rs10796139, rs7072776, rs10764337, rs2384736, rs10995201, rs6479868, rs111833376, rs719338, rs4980029, rs7125780, rs610437, rs625145, rs7121616, rs7939702, rs11822830, rs10832963, rs4980386, rs4472923, rs7394715, rs10838267, rs77047825, rs12287832, rs10896047, rs35039974, rs661204, rs78540526, rs6597981, rs2454399, rs12422552, rs788458, rs7297051, rs2277339, rs17356907, rs56404467, rs11571833, rs9315973, rs12870942, rs2181965, rs4983544, rs34914085, rs2253012, rs2588809, rs11624333, rs941764, rs78440108, rs144767203, rs187010898, rs4774565, rs8042593, rs35874463, rs8035987, rs2290202, rs34872983, rs75753503, rs11076805, rs35668161, rs4784227, rs55872725, rs6499648, rs7184573, rs28539243, rs12709163, rs7500067, rs9931038, rs12449271, rs79461387, rs150537328, rs11296, rs17881320, rs149370081, rs2787486, rs745570, rs16976596, rs11665269, rs1111207, rs527616, rs8092192, rs72931898, rs9954058, rs9952980, rs117922601, rs56069439, rs10164323, rs56681946, rs4399645, rs1172821, rs1154723, rs6030585, rs13039563, rs16991615, rs2822999, rs2823130, rs2403907, rs4818836, rs9798754, rs17879961, rs5997390, rs34134147, rs132289, rs5750715, rs9611990, rs112855987, rs28512361

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