Luminal B-like breast cancer (Zhang, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association study identifies 32 novel breast cancer susceptibility loci from overall and subtype-specific analyses

SUMMARY: Discovery of novel genetic variants associated with luminal B-like breast cancer.

OVERVIEW: Breasts are complex structures with multiple cell types which can give rise to multiple types of cancer. Breast cancers are classified by what receptors cancer cells have on the outside. This classification is helpful for predicting outcomes and effective treatments. Luminal B-like cancers have hormone receptors (progesterone, estrogen, or both) as well as human epidermal growth factor 2 (HER2) receptors. These receptors enable cancer cells to grow in response to growth signals. This genome-wide association study examined nearly 266,000 individuals of European ancestry to identify genetic variants associated with different breast cancer types, including luminal B-like breast cancer. In total, the researchers identified 330 genomic regions associated with breast cancer types and used them to calculate polygenic scores. Interestingly, some variants were found to reduce the risk of some breast cancer types while increasing the risk of others.

DID YOU KNOW? Some lifestyle choices that reduce sex hormone levels are associated with a decrease in breast cancer risk. These include controlling your weight, breast-feeding, and limiting dose and duration of hormone therapies. [SOURCE]

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luminal b-like breast cancer sample results

LUMINAL B-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs4602255, rs1375631, rs188092014, rs13256025, rs13277568, rs4742903, rs11652463, rs495367, rs7924772, rs78378222, rs206435, rs6065254, rs17215231, rs612683, rs616488, rs7513707, rs12406858, rs637868, rs11249433, rs111458676, rs11205303, rs12091730, rs2992756, rs35383942, rs7514172, rs2785646, rs2576261, rs11117758, rs11118563, rs72755295, rs4233486, rs114282204, rs707475, rs17426269, rs2151842, rs78425380, rs17625845, rs10164550, rs10179592, rs17726078, rs1550622, rs2356656, rs6743383, rs10197246, rs4442975, rs11693806, rs4676356, rs6725517, rs12472404, rs4322799, rs6756513, rs1036759, rs58058861, rs9882792, rs552647, rs112476261, rs17838698, rs56387622, rs6762558, rs2886671, rs9825432, rs13066793, rs639355, rs62331150, rs56039025, rs28436676, rs62334414, rs13147907, rs17014016, rs17157372, rs335160, rs1428387, rs10069690, rs6860806, rs6596100, rs62329727, rs1432679, rs17611291, rs10074269, rs6864691, rs4868701, rs4866496, rs116095464, rs187108781, rs4613718, rs10941679, rs17343002, rs889310, rs16886165, rs76250845, rs11949391, rs113778879, rs3010266, rs157557, rs332529, rs418053, rs2121348, rs6913578, rs60954078, rs851984, rs6904031, rs910416, rs3819405, rs9364472, rs6940159, rs12211970, rs9358466, rs34196306, rs111342015, rs73754909, rs71559437, rs7800548, rs12706954, rs68056147, rs62485509, rs7971, rs289997, rs74765302, rs13244925, rs17268829, rs4439053, rs111963714, rs62517052, rs12546444, rs13267382, rs62526620, rs35542655, rs12541094, rs7842619, rs12550713, rs10096351, rs1016578, rs7830152, rs66823261, rs1028016, rs310295, rs9693444, rs13365225, rs1511243, rs72658084, rs1533366, rs10816625, rs13294895, rs7848334, rs630965, rs1895062, rs3861871, rs17694493, rs4880038, rs10975870, rs665889, rs10120432, rs10885405, rs9421410, rs45631580, rs45631563, rs10796139, rs7072776, rs10764337, rs2384736, rs10995201, rs6479868, rs111833376, rs719338, rs4980029, rs7125780, rs610437, rs625145, rs7121616, rs7939702, rs11822830, rs10832963, rs4980386, rs4472923, rs7394715, rs10838267, rs77047825, rs12287832, rs10896047, rs35039974, rs661204, rs78540526, rs6597981, rs2454399, rs12422552, rs788458, rs7297051, rs2277339, rs17356907, rs56404467, rs11571833, rs9315973, rs12870942, rs2181965, rs4983544, rs34914085, rs2253012, rs2588809, rs11624333, rs941764, rs78440108, rs144767203, rs187010898, rs4774565, rs8042593, rs8035987, rs2290202, rs34872983, rs75753503, rs11076805, rs35668161, rs4784227, rs55872725, rs6499648, rs7184573, rs28539243, rs12709163, rs7500067, rs9931038, rs12449271, rs79461387, rs150537328, rs11296, rs17881320, rs149370081, rs2787486, rs745570, rs16976596, rs11665269, rs1111207, rs527616, rs8092192, rs72931898, rs9954058, rs9952980, rs56069439, rs10164323, rs56681946, rs4399645, rs1154723, rs6030585, rs13039563, rs16991615, rs2822999, rs2823130, rs2403907, rs4818836, rs17879961, rs5997390, rs34134147, rs132289, rs5750715, rs9611990, rs112855987, rs28512361

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