Alzheimer’s Disease (Seshadri, 2010)

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STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide Analysis of Genetic Loci Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease

SUMMARY: Identification of novel variants (one of which was in the BIN1 gene) associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

DESCRIPTION:  Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that slowly decreases memory and cognitive skills. It is the most common form of dementia in older adults and is known to be a highly heritable disease. This study identified new genetic variants and confirmed previously discovered variants associated with Alzheimer’s in a cohort of over 35,000 people. One of the most significant novel variants found was near the BIN1 gene, which plays an important role in shaping and regulating the cell membrane.

DID YOU KNOW? Although your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease are mostly based on your age and genetics, healthy habits may help delay disease onset and progression. Exercise, a Mediterranean diet, and sleep are the most likely ways to ward off the disease. [SOURCE]

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Alzheimer's sample results.

ALZHEIMER’S-ASSOCIATED ANALYZED VARIANTS: rs2075650, rs11136000, rs3851179, rs744373, rs597668

Overview of Alzheimer’s
Cell Membrane

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