Walking pace (Timmins, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association study of self-reported walking pace suggests beneficial effects of brisk walking on health and survival

SUMMARY: Identification of 70 regions of the genome associated with walking pace.

OVERVIEW: Walking is an excellent leisure activity that is associated with benefits to overall health and fitness. For example, previous studies found that an increased pace of walking is associated with a decreased risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and various forms of cancer. To identify the genetic factors that influence walking pace, this study enrolled over 450,000 individuals of European descent. After correlating genetic information with self-reported walking speeds, the study identified 70 genetic variants associated with walking pace, 11 of which are novel. The study also examined the connections between walking pace and various traits/conditions. Researchers found that genetic predisposition to increased walking pace is correlated with a lower risk of adiposity, higher education attainment, and longer lifespan.

DID YOU KNOW? According to the American Council on Exercise, people who track their steps (such as with a pedometer or fitness app) may walk as many as 2,500 more steps a day than people who don’t. [SOURCE]

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walking pace sample results

WALKING PACE-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs12739999, rs113825410, rs699785, rs11264302, rs11548200, rs10797999, rs12127073, rs1531133, rs13005495, rs116556698, rs55680124, rs17698630, rs5026760, rs2054079, rs62246314, rs2920503, rs34484573, rs2280406, rs6798941, rs830627, rs114547690, rs6763292, rs9844666, rs798750, rs362307, rs72636700, rs13107325, rs115202226, rs57800857, rs4134943, rs9366651, rs1061801, rs205262, rs4715208, rs11152989, rs4839898, rs7804774, rs10452738, rs7795394, rs16921721, rs1243184, rs7924036, rs2439823, rs10883618, rs4109292, rs11039324, rs10750025, rs10862220, rs6539771, rs7968420, rs61954974, rs12883788, rs8005131, rs8010773, rs45583845, rs8011870, rs7492565, rs11636600, rs7187776, rs34898535, rs9972653, rs4516268, rs2301597, rs376942435, rs1652376, rs2469878, rs784257, rs67625472, rs273512, rs11881338, rs12461902, rs1667369, rs35741895, rs819131, rs143384

Walking: Your steps to health

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