23andMe sales, coupons, and discounts

23andMe introduction

23andMe is one of the world’s most popular DNA testing kits. Over 15 million 23andMe kits have been sold since the company was founded in 2006. These DNA kits use a saliva sample collection kit to analyze a customer’s DNA profile. We start with an overview of the 23andMe tests and their cost. After that, we will dive into 23andMe Sales, Coupons, and Discounts.

Did you know that the 23andMe test decodes only 0.02% of your DNA? At Nebula Genomics, we offer the most affordable Whole Genome Sequencing! This is the most complete DNA test that decodes 100% of your autosomal DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and the Y chromosome. Whole Genome Sequencing will enable you to learn more about your ancestry, family tree, and health than any other DNA test! Click here yo learn more!

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Ancestry + Traits ($99 without 23andMe sale, 23andMe discount or 23andMe coupon)

23andMe offers three different products. The cheapest – the Ancestry and Traits service – is available for $99. It includes over 80 genetic reports on traits such as muscle composition and lactose intolerance. 

The ancestry analysis is very granular and is based on over 1,500 geographic regions. The service also comes with a family tree builder and the option to connect with DNA relatives. Maternal and paternal haplogroup information is also included. The DNA test even tells you how much Neanderthal DNA you have!

Health + Ancestry ($199 without 23andMe sale or 23andMe discount or 23andMe coupon)

The Health + Ancestry Service kit ($199) is more expensive but provides much more information – over 150 genetic reports. This includes genetic information about health risks, wellness, and disease carrier status. 

The analysis provides information about your genetic health predispositions. This includes Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and late-onset Alzheimers. Your carrier status report will tell you if you have a bad gene associated with a genetic disease that you might inherit to your children. This test will determine your carrier status for over 40 genetic conditions. This includes cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, and Tay-Sachs disease. 

VIP Health + Ancestry ($499 without 23andMe sale or 23andMe discount or 23andMe coupon)

The VIP Health and Ancestry Service ($499) includes two Health + Ancestry kits. You will also get overnight free shipping, priority lab processing, and premium customer support. It also includes a 30-minute one-on-one walkthrough of your Ancestry results with an expert.

23andMe sales, coupons, and discounts

23andMe gives you a lot of insight into your health and ancestry, but their services can be expensive. If you don’t want to pay full price, here is a list of 23andMe sales, coupons, and discounts.

23andMe sales

23andMe often has holiday sales, allowing you to save money. If previous years are anything to go on, the biggest 23andMe sales are during Prime Day and Black Friday. 

Currently, 23andMe is running their a Healthy Holiday Sale until November 26th, 2020 in which their Health + Ancestry service is 50% off ($99)

23andMe discount of 50% off Health + Ancestry Kits

The other kits sold by 23andMe, including Ancestry + Traits and VIP Health + Ancestry service are also heavily discounted during these 2020 Black Friday sales.

  • Ancestry + Traits kits – 20% discount (available for $79)
  • Health + Ancestry kits – 50% discount (available for $99)
  • VIP Health + Ancestry kits – 20% discount (available for $399)
23andMe sales for each of their three products

23andMe holiday sales in 2019 included:

  • National DNA Day (April 25) – 15% discount on the 23andMe Health + Ancestry kits (available for $169).
  • Mother’s Day (May 10) – 15% discount on the 23andMe Health + Ancestry kits ($169).
  • Father’s Day (June 21) – 25% discount on the 23andMe Health + Ancestry kits ($149). 
  • Prime Day (July 15 in 2019, though likely delayed until the fall for 2020) – 50% discount on the 23andMe Health + Ancestry kits ($99). 
  • Black Friday (4th Friday in November) – 50% discount on the 23andMe Health + Ancestry kits ($99), 20% discount on the 23andMe Ancestry + Traits DNA kits ($79). 

23andMe coupon codes and other 23andMe discounts

Many sites such as Wired, Forbes, and PCWorld, list 23andMe promo codes. In reality, these deals do not require a 23andMe discount code or coupon code. What you need to do to get a 23andMe discount is to use the link on a website like Wired to access the 23andMe page. Most of these deals expire December 31, 2020. The best deals include:

  • Buy one Health and Ancestry kit, get 20% off the Ancestry + Health kit ($159).
  • Receive a 20% discount for a Health and Ancestry kit when you pay with PayPal ($159).
  • College students and educators can receive up to $100 discount for Health and Ancestry kits ($99). They can also get a $20 discount for Ancestry + Traits kits ($79). To get this deal, your education/teaching status must be verified.
  • If you refer a friend, they will receive a 10% discount for their first purchase and you will receive a $20 discount code.
  • You can also save money when you buy additional kits.
23andMe coupons are available on websites such as Wired, Forbes, and PCWorld

You can also get up to $117 cashback when you purchase the Health + Ancestry Service. However, you will have to send receipts and supporting documentation to your FSA/HSA administrator. Click here to find out more about how to use your FSA/HSA benefits to purchase 23andMe.

Explanation on the 23andMe website of how to use FSA/HSA.
Explanation on the 23andMe website of how to use FSA/HSA.

Nebula Genomics Comparison

Even with all these 23andMe sales, coupons, and discounts, 23andMe is actually still expensive for what it offers. It costs you between $99 and $199 to decode only about 0.1% of your DNA! Because 23andMe uses outdated DNA genotyping technology, this means that 99.9% of your genome will remain a complete mystery. 

Nebula Genomics offers the most affordable whole genome sequencing from between $0 – $299. That’s still more expensive than the 23andMe genetic testing, but it decodes 100% of our DNA and produces about 10,000 times more data. This allows you to gain much deeper insight into your health, wellness, and ancestry. Consider that just a few years ago the price of whole genome sequencing was millions of dollars!

Our whole genome sequencing enables much more comprehensive insight into all aspects of your DNA. For example, we fully sequence mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosomes. We used that data to provide a deep ancestry analysis.

You’ll also get access to the Nebula Research Library. It contains a collection of personalized genetic reports based on the most recent genetics research which is updated every week. 

Can’t resist a 23andMe sale or discount? Don’t worry! You can upload your 23andMe raw to Nebula Genomics and get a free DNA report. We use a process called imputation to “fill in the blanks” in your sparse 23andMe data and provide reports on hundreds of traits.

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