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In this blog post, we provide an overview of existing paid and free DNA sites including paid and free ancestry sites. We include both paid and free DNA upload sites. We categorize the DNA upload sites into four categories: Health, Ancestry, Wellness, and others. To use these sites you need to download your raw DNA data from your genetic testing provider. Then you can upload your raw data to the sites that we list on this page.

Interested in getting the best raw DNA data for upload to various DNA sites? Nebula Genomics offers Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA for just $299! Click here to learn more!

Interested in getting the best raw DNA data for upload to various DNA sites? Nebula Genomics offers Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA for just $299! Our data enables the most comprehensive reporting for health, wellness, and ancestry! Click here to learn more!

Edited by Christina Swords, Ph.D.

DNA sites for Health reports

Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics free DNA upload site

Nebula Genomics offers free DNA uploads, free DNA expansion, and free DNA analysis. Users can upload SNP data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA and receive enhanced information about their genome. The DNA expansion tool uses advanced statistical genetics techniques to figure out more information about your DNA than was directly tested, called imputation. Imputation can give 50 times more variants than SNP testing alone, allowing for more analysis to be performed.

The free DNA analysis gives users 30 initial trait reports and additional new free trait reports are added weekly. The reports tell the user what the trait is, what the study found regarding the genetics of the trait, and how the user’s genetics match up. Individual variants are listed as well as a percentile score to show how the uploaded DNA compares to other users’.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site;; paid upgrades available
  • Supported DNA data formats: AncestryDNA and 23andMe

Genetic Genie

Genetic Genie free DNA upload site

Genetic Genie’s main tool GenVue Discovery is designed to allow for easy interpretation of a user’s genetic information. The Genetic Genie DNA upload tool is easy and accepts a wide variety of raw DNA data, either from an SNP based genotyping company or VCF files from whole-genome or whole-exome sequencing. 

All reports are completely free, although they do accept donations. If a user has only SNP based data, they can access the methylation analysis and detox panels. GenVue Discovery requires VCF files from either AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or whole exome or genome sequencing. This tool uses ClinVar, a database of clinically relevant SNPs, to give information on genetic conditions, drug response, other risks, rare mutations, and uncommon mutations. 

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, FTDNA (Family Tree DNA), Living DNA, HomeDNA, Genes for Good, WeGene (China), 23Mofang (China) raw data file or Whole Genome Sequence or Whole Exome Sequence VCF files

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SelfDecode offers to not only analyze your data but match your symptoms to your traits, although they state that they do not “treat, test, diagnose, or cure any conditions” and are for “informational and educational purposes alone”. They accept data files from many DNA testing companies. Additionally, SelfDecode will provide genetic testing themselves for $90. 

SelfDecode’s DNA upload analysis runs $59/year which provides the user with three premium reports, or a $199 one time fee for unlimited reporting. Reports cover topics like food, fitness, vitamins, or specific genetic variants like the Alzheimer’s associated variant ApoE. SelfDecode also has a blog which, although freely available to the public, contains risk scores for paid users with genomic data on file. 

  • DNA site cost: $59/year limited, $199 lifetime unlimited
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23AndMe, AncestryDNA, Courtagen, Family Tree, My Heritage, Atlas, Map My Genome, Diagnomics, Genes For Good, DNA.Land, Illumina, Genos (Version 1), Genos (Version 2), Living DNA, and iGene

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Promethease bills itself as a “literature retrieval system” that pulls data from SNPedia, a database of genetic variations that have been connected to human traits with a focus on genetic health. The Promethease DNA upload report is generated quickly and returns information on the user’s status on many important SNPs.  

However, each SNP in the Promethease report is returned independently rather than combining them into one polygenic risk score. This makes the calculation more straightforward for Promethease, cutting down on cost, but harder for the user to understand the cumulative impact of their genetics.

  • Cost: $12
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, Genos, “etc”

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Xcode Life

Xcode Life

Xcode Life offers genome analysis services for raw DNA data file uploads. Most reports are $20 and cover multiple traits, like the Gene Health report which covers over 50 different health conditions, including all of the risk traits in the 23andMe reports. 

Some reports cover fewer traits, like the MTHFR which only reports on a single gene. Some reports are $40, such as the Precision Medicine report, which provides information on the metabolism of 150 drugs, or the Carrier Status report which gives information about more than 250 inherited health conditions, including BRA1 and BRCA2.

The Xcode Life DNA upload accepts raw data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, LivingDNA, MyHeritage and will receive an emailed PDF report within 24 hours. However, not all testing services test the SNPs needed to perform every analysis. Users run the risk of purchasing a report and not being able to access the answers they paid for.

  • DNA site cost: $20-$40/report or $99 for 6 reports
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FTDNA, LivingDNA, MyHeritage

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Dante Labs

Dante Labs specializes in performing whole genome sequencing and providing health and wellness reports. Their full genomic tests start at $599 with options up to $1,399 and additional monthly fees for analysis costing up to $44 a month. 

However, there is a Dante Labs DNA upload option which allows users to buy reports using data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA. Each report is $7.99 and covers either Nutrigenomics and Lifestyle (diet, metabolism, sleep, body morphology, and personality traits), Fitness (which exercises might be right for you), and Wellness and Lifestyle (covering common diseases including hereditary cancer).

  • DNA site cost: $7.99/report
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe and Ancestry Genotype Data

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DNA sites for Ancestry reports


MyTrueAncestry free DNA upload site

MyTrueAncestry specializes in matching user’s genotyping data to ancient genomes and provides 250 ethnic categories. The only way to participate is through MyTrueAncestry’s DNA upload service — they do not sell DNA test kits.

The “commoner” analysis is free and provides information on your 10 closest ancient DNA matches, complete with maps and timelines. There are six tiers of upgrades which connect the user to more ancient samples, provide more interactive maps and possible migration patterns, and upload additional kits for comparison.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site; upgrade for up to $397
  • Supported DNA data formats: Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, FTDNA, Nebula Genomics, Dante Labs, LivingDNA, National Geographic, 24Genetics

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GEDmatch free DNA upload site

GEDmatch was developed as a tool to help amateur and professional genealogists. Genealogy researchers are able to upload raw DNA data and find matching segments, and therefore relatives with shared DNA, among other users.

GEDmatch’s DNA upload provides Ancestry tools for analyzing both long and short timescales. Users can find matching segments with Ancient DNA samples, determine their ethnic background, and even find out if their parents are related, all for free. For $10 a month, GEDmatch site users are able to add additional features to better assist users in constructing recent family trees. 

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site; upgrade for $10/month
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA

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Genomelink free DNA upload site

Genomelink’s DNA upload can give users physical trait information, wellness tips, and ancient ancestry reports. 

The Ancient Ancestry report is $29 and compares your DNA to ancient Hunter-gatherers, First Farmers, Steppe pastoralists, Indigenous Americans, West Africans, East Asians, and South Asians. The full report gives percentage breakdowns for each ancestral group. There’s also information about each group and maps of their migration histories.

  • DNA site cost: $29
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, Ancestry or MyHeritage

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DNA.Land free DNA upload site

DNA.Land’s DNA upload service is free as they partner with research organizations. The research organizations want more data, so DNA.Land offers reports at no charge to incentivize users to provide it.

DNA.LAnd’s ancestry report provides a hierarchical view: it can tell a user that they’re 64% West Eurasian and that 62% of this is Southwestern European and that’s made up of 51% Southwest European and 11% Sardinian. DNA.Land also provides relative matching and displays the segments of DNA that match between two people.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site
  • Supported DNA data formats: Data from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage DNA, FamilyTreeDNA, Genes for Good

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African Ancestry

African Ancestry

African Ancestry will compare your raw data to 30,000 indigenous African DNA samples, which gives users more detailed information about their ancestor’s country and ethnic tribe. They also provide trips to these locations.

African Ancestry is fairly unique in that they only use data from mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down from mothers, and Y chromosome DNA, which is only passed down from father to son. Not all testing companies look at these parts of the genome, limiting what data can be used for the African Ancestry DNA upload. This also means that women can only access their maternal lineage while men can access both maternal and paternal lines. Each lineage costs $210.

  • DNA site cost: $210 per lineage
  • Supported DNA data formats: Must meet requirements

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MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA free DNA upload site

MyHeritage was originally made to create family trees and search through international records databases. They’ve expanded to DNA based familial testing and MyHeritage’s DNA upload can be accessed for free. However, the free service does not include their chromosome browser, ethnicity estimate, shared ancestral places, and several other features.

For $299 a year users can access all of MyHeritage’s features. The ethnicity estimate provides free genealogy insight with 42 different regions and their founder’s project compares users’ DNA to 5,000 individuals who have had family in the same region for many generations. The paid subscription also gives access to health and family history information such as census records, passenger lists (e.g. for the arrival of immigrants in the United States), and many different types of genealogical information in its genealogical database.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site; upgrades for up to $299/year
  • Supported DNA data formats: FamilyTreeDNA, Living DNA, AncestryDNA and 23andMe

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FamilyTreeDNA free DNA upload site

FamilyTreeDNA specializes in ancestry and relative finding. They sell DNA kits that can look at the Y chromosome or the mitochondrial genome, but FamilyTreeDNA’s DNA upload is limited to autosomal DNA analysis.

FamilyTreeDNA’s free service provides a list of autosomal matches that helps you find your family memebers. Family members who share DNA that isn’t on the Y chromosome or in the mitochondria. For $19 users can also unlock all the family finder features, including their ethnicity calculator (for example to determine Native American or African American heritage), “myOrigins”, and ancient DNA comparison tool, “ancientOrigins”.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site; upgrades for $19
  • Supported DNA data formats: AncestryDNA V1-2, 23andMe V3-5, MyHeritage


Living DNA

LivingDNA seeks to eliminate racism by showing that everyone is related, regardless of the color of their skin. They do not aggregate and sell genetic data but do use it for their own internal research projects.

LivingDNA’s DNA upload service is free. They provide ancestry reports tracing a user’s DNA back to 8 regions around the world within the last five to six generations. The focus is on the British Isles. They also provide an opt-in family matching to find relatives. The higher-level analysis is available for a fee.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site
  • Supported DNA data formats: AncestryDNA, 23AndMe, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA (family finder), Illumina, Gene by Gene and National Geographic (Geno 2.0)

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YFull DNA site

YFull is a Y chromosome sequence interpretation service. They’re looking to utilize the users’ data to learn more about the Y chromosome. This means that only individuals with a sequenced Y chromosome can participate. Many genotyping services do not cover the Y chromosome and women, who have two X chromosomes but no Y chromosome, are completely excluded.

Since the Y chromosome is passed down almost identically from father to son, everyone with a Y chromosome can be placed on a patrilineal family tree. YFull’s DNA upload lets users see their position on this tree which can then be used to trace their family origins through their fathers. The one time $49 fee provides a series of information on the Y chromosome as well as the promise of updates.

  • DNA site cost: $49
  • Supported DNA data formats: VCF or BAM files from FTDNA Big Y, Full Genomes INC, YSEQ, ENlighten, Veritas Genetics, BGI, Novogene, 23mofang, DanteLabs, WeGene, Yoogene

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WeGene started as an ancestry service for Chinese users. They have detailed information for people that would otherwise just be labeled “East Asian”.

WeGene’s DNA upload provides Ancestry categories like Han Chinese, Gaoshan Han, Southern Han, Hmong-mien, Thai, Korean, Mongolian, and several additional Southeast Asian subpopulations. Users also receive insights into what part of their genome comes from Neanderthals and their risks for some health traits like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe or AncestryDNA

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DNA sites for Wellness reports

Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics users are able to consent to have their data enrolled in research projects through partner organizations. This both allows free service for the user and helps advance scientific research. The findings from these studies are then used to advance the products of pharmaceutical and biotech companies but are also then used to inform users about their own genetics. Some studies will also pay users for their time and effort.

Sano Genetics currently offers 16 reports. In the wellness space, they offer information on muscle power, circadian rhythms, caffeine and nicotine consumption, and the way your body processes alcohol and vitamins.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, Genes for Good and more

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Athletigen DNA site

Athletigen performs their own DNA testing but all reports are available with an Athletigen DNA upload. As the name indicates, the company targeted at athletes looking to learn from their genes to improve performance. Users can receive a free short report detailing what their genetics indicate would be beneficial for athletic performance, nutrition, and recovery. 

Paid reports cover more traits in more depth, with the $19.99 welcome report detailing how the user might respond to vitamins, exercise recovery, and sleep. The ALTIS sports performance report, at $79.99, was designed with Dan Pfaff, a 10-time Olympic Coach, to give insight to molecular factors that may impact an athlete’s performance and training regime. 

  • DNA site cost: Free short report or $19.99-$79.99 for full reports
  • Supported DNA data formats: AncestryDNA, 23andMe

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Genomelink allows users to upload their raw DNA data from 23andMe, Ancestry, or MyHeritage for free. The free traits do cover some wellness-related topics like caffeine consumption and endurance, but full wellness reports must be purchased separately.

With a Genomelink DNA upload, users have the option of purchasing workout and nutritional advice. The Nutritional Advice Report is $24 combines the user’s genetics with a food and health habits questionnaire. The report then suggests foods for the user based on what vitamins they might need. The Fitness Advice Report runs $39 and provides recommended training routines based on the user’s unique genetic composition.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload (25 traits for free); $24-$39 for Wellness Reports
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, Ancestry or MyHeritage

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GenoPalate DNA site

GenoPalate claims to help users identify food intolerances and optimize their nutrition based on their DNA results. GenoPalate’s DNA upload allows users with data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA to save $100.

For $49.95, the GenoPalate report provides information on their likelihood of lactose and gluten intolerance, genetic needs for 23 nutrients, and over 100 suggested foods. For an additional $30, GenoPalate will include 5 optimized recipes.

  • DNA site cost: $49.95
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe or AncestryDNA

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FitnessGenes DNA site

FitnessGenes provides users with genetically tailored workout and nutrition plans. These plans take into account not only a user’s genetic data but also their lifestyle data and goals. This allows FitnessGenes to provide a more tailored workout and nutrition plan.

The FitnessGenes DNA upload service is $49 but provides more than just recommendations. The site gives workout plans with calendars and trackers, nutrition information including macronutrient needs and recipes, and access to experts and a private community. FitnessGenes can’t make you eat right and work out, but it does provide a lot of support to help users help themselves.

  • DNA site cost: $49
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, Atlas Biomed, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, iGene, Living DNA, MyHeritage, or Vitagene

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Vitagene DNA site

Vitagene takes the idea of using genetic data to provide insights and actions to another level by also selling supplement packages. Vitagene DNA upload users can purchase reports piecemeal or in bundles. Their health report is $49. It includes reports on diet, supplements, and fitness. For $149, users will receive 90 days worth of 4 personalized supplements and will continue to receive report updates.

Vitagene also offers the first FDA emergency use authorized at home saliva test for COVID-19. The test is currently only available to people who meet CDC criteria for likely having COVID-19. It is unclear what the cost of the test will be, but it will likely be covered by insurance if ordered by a physician. 

  • DNA site cost: $49-$149 
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or MyHeritage DNA

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DNAfit offers both SNP based genotyping and whole-exome sequencing. If users already have genotyping data through 23andMe, though, they can save $100 by using DNAfit’s DNA upload.

DNAfit also accepts raw data uploads from 23andMe users. Two reports are available: Diet Link ($49) or Health Link ($89). Diet Link uses genomic information to give advice as to a user’s optimum diet. This includes information on carbohydrate and fat metabolism, essential nutrient needs, sensitivity to salt, alcohol, and caffeine, as well as lactose tolerance and predisposition to coeliac disease. Health Link provides everything in Diet Link as well as information about optimal training, injury prevention, recovery speed, stress response, and sleep quality. 

  • DNA site cost: $49 or $89
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe

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Other types of DNA sites


Sequencing.com DNA site

Sequencing.com offers over 100 apps that use your genomic data to provide ancestry, health, and other types of reporting. Sequencing.com’s DNA upload can use Big Yotta secure file transfer for larger genomic files. There are apps for everything from determining a user’s COVID-19 risk or athletic training information (for an additional $159).

Free Sequencing.com account holders are able to only access free apps but unlimited storage is free. A silver membership ($9.99/month) gives access to two paid apps a month. Gold ($29.99/month) provides four apps per month and health updates based on new discoveries. Platinum ($49.99/month) includes six apps per month and access to a licensed genetic counselor.

  • DNA site cost: Free DNA upload site; to $49.99/month and more for some apps
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage DNA, Dante Labs, Nebula Genomics, DNALand, HomeDNA, LivingDNa, VitaGene, Genes for Good, Illumina, tellmeGen, and accepts DNA data from many others.

For more information on Sequencing.com see our full Sequencing.com review.


GenePlaza DNA site

Gene Plaza is another app-based DNA test platform. Some apps focus on a single trait, like the predisposition to depression ($3.49), while others give information on hundreds of traits ($5.49)

GenePlaza DNA upload users start out with $4 in credit to use in the app store.

Since there are many different apps provided by different creators, they often overlap and it may be difficult to decide which is the best app for a particular user. For instance, there is a K29 admixture calculator, an ethnicity calculator, and an ancestry app which all use slightly different background data and report the data in different ways.

  • DNA site cost: $1.49-$15/app
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe or AncestryDNA

For more information on GenePlaza see our full GenePlaza review.



YSEQ specializes in providing targeted sequencing panels to look at the Y chromosome. They also offer a free DNA upload service to determine the user’s Y chromosome subclade or to align raw genomic data to a reference genome.

In addition to the user’s subclade, the YSEQ DNA upload returns theoretical ancestral migration patterns and connects users to related groups in PhyloGeographer.

  • DNA site cost: Free – $25
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, FASTQ, BAM, or VCF

For more information on YSEQ see our full YSEQ review.

Full Genomes Corporation

Full Genomes DNA site

Full Genomes Corporation performs several different kinds of DNA testing, from Y chromosome testing ($425) to 30X whole genome sequencing ($1150) to long-read whole-genome sequencing ($2900).

If you already have whole-genome sequencing data, you can upload your DNA to Full Genome Corporation’s DNA upload site for additional processing. For example, for $50 they will convert your raw data into something you can upload to GEDmatch. For $75 they will give you ancestry reporting from your whole genome — autosomal, mitochondrial, and Y chromosome. 

  • DNA site cost: $50 – $75
  • Supported DNA data formats: FASTQ, BAM, or genotyping data

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LunaPBC Raises $4.6 Million to Accelerate Company Growth and Drive ...

LunaDNA operates a community-owned DNA database. Users who upload their DNA data, health records, and participate in surveys, receive shares of the company. LunaDNA intends to make the database available to researchers to help with drug discovery. If a new drug is discovered with the help of the data and sold, LunaDNA shareholders will receive part of the profits.

  • DNA site cost: free
  • Supported DNA data formats: 23andMe, MyHeritage, AncestryDNA, and FamilyTree DNA

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