Glaucoma (Craig, 2020)

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STUDY TITLE: Multitrait analysis of glaucoma identifies new risk loci and enables polygenic prediction of disease susceptibility and progression

SUMMARY: Identification of over 100 genetic variants associated with glaucoma.

OVERVIEW:  Glaucoma is a medical condition characterized by damage to the eye’s optic nerve usually due to increased pressure in the eye. Because no cost-effective way to screen for the condition currently exists, researchers explored the use of polygenic risk scores to determine an individual’s risk. This study utilized data from over 120,000 individuals of European ancestry to find genomic regions associated with glaucoma. The researchers identified 114 genetic variants associated with the condition, many of which are novel. The polygenic risk scores calculated using these variants indicated a 15-fold higher risk of advanced glaucoma for individuals in the 90th percentile of polygenic scores.

DID YOU KNOW? The best way to prevent the development of glaucoma is to schedule regular eye exams with your doctor. [SOURCE]

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glaucoma sample results

GLAUCOMA-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs10918274, rs2472493, rs9913911, rs59454355, rs28795989, rs2275241, rs9853115, rs944801, rs6838291, rs2745572, rs2022945, rs1579050, rs57111852, rs58073046, rs6914444, rs56319620, rs4821712, rs2896175, rs76325372, rs35155027, rs9494457, rs7924522, rs1867409, rs11234741, rs2439042, rs4102217, rs8064739, rs738722, rs4141194, rs2188836, rs75265191, rs327712, rs2935072, rs6140009, rs9608740, rs12216891, rs17339357, rs7089636, rs4658101, rs8009633, rs2249195, rs66500121, rs2274224, rs73111535, rs3785856, rs12068500, rs62580791, rs9544024, rs12139208, rs324762, rs6741499, rs6732795, rs73148965, rs113542380, rs72669675, rs722585, rs2145826, rs34952318, rs1283696, rs10869665, rs9816799, rs1286771, rs4703855, rs74984957, rs13009933, rs2526101, rs73294447, rs11859314, rs4601984, rs4434990, rs440677, rs4420855, rs74259971, rs3743861, rs11229165, rs12045227, rs56152426, rs7273775, rs4412362, rs6065171, rs2526385, rs4709210, rs4128399, rs4936100, rs2881425, rs73220190, rs1084524, rs62188040, rs11710845, rs1362227, rs447324, rs756481, rs351973, rs36006455, rs3184504, rs163524, rs12280392, rs11008626, rs12913832, rs56405342, rs893830, rs10435033, rs12778014, rs10796912, rs1126809, rs7799028, rs9530143, rs11567976, rs274760, rs1563966, rs62172701, rs1347141, rs1616405, rs61755579

What Happens Inside Eyes with Glaucoma? (Video)

WEEKLY UPDATE: January 31, 2020