Snoring (Campos, 2020)

STUDY TITLE: Insights into the aetiology of snoring from observational and genetic investigations in the UK Biobank

SUMMARY: Identification of 42 genetic regions associated with snoring.

OVERVIEW:  Snoring may disrupt your or your partner’s sleep. It is incredibly common and affects more men (35-45%) than women (15-28%). Moreover, snoring may be a sign of a more serious condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, which is characterized by pauses in breathing due to blocked upper airways which decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood. This study utilized genomes of ~400,000 individuals of European ancestry from the UK Biobank to understand the genetic basis of snoring. The researchers discovered 42 genetic regions associated with the condition, which explain ~10% of the heritability of snoring. The study also linked snoring to body mass index, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

DID YOU KNOW? Partners of snorers who sleep in the same bed wake up an average of 21 times per hour, which can have a detrimental effect on their health. Snorers are advised to seek out a sleep specialist to develop a treatment plan. [SOURCE]

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Snoring sample results

ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs592333, rs10878269, rs61597598, rs2307111, rs2664299, rs13251292, rs57222984, rs725861, rs12119849, rs796856741, rs12429765, rs34811474, rs7829639, rs180107, rs11409890, rs8069947, rs74936745, rs11018488, rs8108822, rs4976269, rs2049045, rs59502288, rs9900496, rs17151229, rs6054427, rs202110996, rs145367119, rs17060460, rs227727, rs947612, rs34732995, rs80093081, rs2207944, rs6099273, rs773118143, rs4987719, rs4744369, rs9583546

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