Stroke (Malik, 2018)

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STUDY TITLE: Multiancestry genome-wide association study of 520,000 subjects identifies 32 loci associated with stroke and subtypes

SUMMARY: The risk of strokes is associated with genetic variants that are also linked to various cardiovascular traits.

DESCRIPTION:  Strokes are the second leading cause of death worldwide. They are the sudden deprivation of oxygen and blood flow to the brain, resulting in the death of brain cells. A large part of a person’s risk of experiencing this condition can be traced to genetics. This study examined genetic variants linked to this condition in over 520,000 subjects. Almost half of the variants found in the study were linked to various cardiovascular traits.

DID YOU KNOW? To prevent onset of this heart condition, you should lower your blood pressure, have no more than one glass of alcohol a day, and exercise at a moderate intensity at least 5 days a week. [SOURCE]

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Stroke sample results.

STROKE-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs13143308, rs12932445, rs2107595, rs3184504, rs1052053, rs17612742, rs12445022, rs2295786, rs880315, rs7859727, rs9526212, rs6825454, rs4959130, rs6891174, rs42039, rs11957829, rs12124533, rs16896398, rs12037987, rs35436, rs4932370, rs2005108, rs8103309, rs2229383, rs11867415, rs7304841

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