Triglyceride level (Richardson, 2020)

Image of the 'tri' in triglycerides refers to the three fatty acid chains.

STUDY TITLE: Evaluating the relationship between circulating lipoprotein lipids and apolipoproteins with risk of coronary heart disease: A multivariable Mendelian randomisation analysis

SUMMARY:Identification of 440 genetic variants associated with the triglyceride level in the blood and analysis of its contribution to the risk of coronary heart disease.

DESCRIPTION: Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a condition that develops when the heart’s arteries cannot supply enough oxygen to the heart muscle. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It occurs when plaque builds up in the heart’s arteries and blocks the blood flow to the heart. Arterial plaque consists of multiple substances that circulate in the blood. One of the substances that the study examined is triglyceride. To this end, this study analyzed genetic data of over 440,000 individuals of European descent to identify genomic regions associated with triglyceride levels in the blood. The researchers identified 440 variants associated with triglycerides, 339 of which are newly discovered. Further work showed that high triglyceride levels are associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease. However, this association weakened slightly when the researchers considered all fats and proteins in the study. The results still suggest that triglycerides play an important role in the development of heart disease.

DID YOU KNOW? High triglyceride levels can increase your risk of conditions like heart attack and stroke. They have also been linked to diseases of the pancreas and liver. Doctors recommend getting more exercise, losing weight, and modifying your diet to lower triglyceride levels. [SOURCE]

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Sample results for Triglyceride level

TRIGLYCERIDE LEVEL-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs7694869, rs6805924, rs56321085, rs973709, rs2054067, rs4002684, rs2110690, rs143076454, rs7826246, rs62130120, rs62064941, rs72917533, rs61975915, rs2070341, rs6924805, rs7186635, rs2774430, rs2131311, rs6913325, rs61780049, rs6722159, rs6000553, rs144738419, rs3017106, rs134551, rs6572807, rs62473520, rs2416759, rs9553567, rs4858894, rs1152847, rs2420477, rs11980456, rs4947121, rs1556124, rs11657201, rs76957426, rs34893217, rs293561, rs7077812, rs2187114, rs112162280, rs878409, rs7199293, rs394872, rs28624578, rs7136223, rs3758413, rs2705616, rs2017500, rs184694823, rs10863828, rs499293, rs498475, rs880315, rs7681288, rs76172517, rs10172544, rs80078546, rs117291242, rs78297458, rs77824033, rs71538127, rs55646464, rs2194411, rs75268115, rs4559942, rs2342371, rs12669911, rs4564007, rs320369, rs1728407, rs1281978, rs1133400, rs113266765, rs55837381, rs325485, rs2499797, rs7714361, rs10180284, rs74897213, rs9584870, rs7596814, rs10962680, rs7855395, rs9831084, rs7400002, rs10811662, rs7424120, rs4382584, rs7244, rs9496567, rs4128205, rs4714001, rs1340819, rs3784310, rs36061954, rs139453187, rs200293726, rs1835346, rs72691637, rs775633, rs2240533, rs144984216, rs11746801, rs73025562, rs9944241, rs3808477, rs2455821, rs11664106, rs6700266, rs56902258, rs4662414, rs2517887, rs1561928, rs12504746, rs933574, rs78588343, rs3826043, rs138191773, rs1347188, rs79357714, rs139386986, rs704, rs13101828, rs12454712, rs12422600, rs112403212, rs1149470, rs6506033, rs4909945, rs4802113, rs7631606, rs62427982, rs245051, rs12530679, rs111914893, rs9788220, rs9376511, rs79983121, rs8102873, rs852388, rs71473777, rs10792091, rs806973, rs193735, rs9600143, rs383091, rs34245505, rs7191623, rs62397245, rs57074291, rs61993685, rs146706984, rs77756595, rs11903847, rs11187027, rs55737395, rs149142833, rs1292065, rs6465120, rs573377651, rs6798755, rs10899490, rs9812100, rs200841050, rs10842703, rs6708784, rs58839393, rs8066985, rs35764600, rs12591786, rs9890200, rs62565259, rs2382825, rs12926107, rs1126673, rs2131919, rs147011441, rs75398587, rs11722924, rs36043408, rs13066793, rs6517522, rs35763453, rs151235402, rs9943778, rs77631110, rs113439801, rs79311290, rs6068280, rs4709746, rs296360, rs62118471, rs1351394, rs10152471, rs11240358, rs140288, rs112424890, rs75225803, rs11078696, rs6424109, rs35859536, rs1171617, rs6093446, rs3829126, rs12472667, rs954244, rs9610329, rs9832727, rs6690181, rs9970140, rs77244849, rs41292412, rs11100083, rs9480889, rs581080, rs80276949, rs595767, rs34580448, rs2860183, rs867939, rs75679663, rs2237029, rs935168, rs78025076, rs55767272, rs4450871, rs10797996, rs7439032, rs12138136, rs4761234, rs7704653, rs35104374, rs6792725, rs1567353, rs921971, rs7018436, rs72644085, rs1861435, rs149778057, rs2812208, rs12440800, rs7260465, rs58953077, rs79634051, rs37538, rs490972, rs4675812, rs12600110, rs1365297, rs58324296, rs11030107, rs1316753, rs61885960, rs2288004, rs3731696, rs114052230, rs140874911, rs60610697, rs41785, rs4134963, rs3814883, rs12415159, rs61729990, rs11078597, rs2652806, rs7749305, rs4776793, rs4239538, rs6968865, rs62459095, rs213494, rs73221948, rs3822072, rs28577186, rs17326656, rs8025505, rs138751626, rs3820897, rs12880341, rs11228377, rs2071887, rs2277083, rs2278426, rs10242866, rs9561643, rs72904737, rs3131337, rs7274718, rs13107325, rs2035816, rs10797119, rs7239575, rs591939, rs5402, rs1938566, rs1064939, rs55966194, rs10243434, rs729761, rs116878033, rs2850245, rs11231161, rs10176110, rs9375694, rs563296, rs7138037, rs13101719, rs8126001, rs142385484, rs140107293, rs2773469, rs2487294, rs2519093, rs79287178, rs12610709, rs78376313, rs535241194, rs7735249, rs61830291, rs7134375, rs6458869, rs3103310, rs41273040, rs12185242, rs4976033, rs4969179, rs10775406, rs9274390, rs185139895, rs1800978, rs79192570, rs696825, rs72801474, rs10750766, rs1799831, rs580063, rs9817452, rs11781692, rs71603401, rs150555490, rs10422861, rs6486122, rs1009360, rs62084237, rs2917677, rs6531216, rs1045241, rs12749691, rs1030472, rs13269725, rs11118310, rs2523719, rs7215055, rs3890483, rs62271373, rs62117489, rs2699805, rs67981690, rs113344423, rs79153732, rs58895965, rs1883711, rs11206374, rs150564454, rs2267373, rs36104871, rs3794695, rs73243877, rs192955957, rs41552812, rs76895963, rs1801689, rs11635675, rs28364531, rs326222, rs6800707, rs182636083, rs77009508, rs4760254, rs838133, rs114165349, rs4930724, rs684773, rs2980755, rs6982308, rs2081687, rs186696265, rs114443260, rs12928099, rs7140110, rs6916318, rs4722551, rs56271783, rs4500049, rs72555385, rs540973884, rs863750, rs188247550, rs2925979, rs13108218, rs1532085, rs9378248, rs12446515, rs1495741, rs2068888, rs78058190, rs10822163, rs6882076, rs4731701, rs3775228, rs78484485, rs3936511, rs13389219, rs28383314, rs2943645, rs1077835, rs75609851, rs998584, rs6073958, rs308, rs139974673, rs150423652, rs7000494, rs174566, rs11122450, rs72836561, rs58542926, rs676210, rs116843064, rs5112, rs483082, rs9436661, rs343, rs2240466, rs480823, rs6999569, rs4665972, rs61905078

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