Testosterone (Ruth, 2020)

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STUDY TITLE: Using human genetics to understand the disease impacts of testosterone in men and women

SUMMARY: Identification of over 200 genetic variants associated with testosterone levels.

OVERVIEW:  Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. However, it regulates bodily functions, like muscle development and fertility, in both sexes. This study examined over 425,000 individuals of European ancestry from the UK Biobank database to identify genetic factors associated with testosterone levels. The researchers linked over 200 genetic variants to testosterone levels in both sexes. These variants explained 17% of the heritability of testosterone levels in men and 13% of the heritability in women. The study also found differences between sexes with some variants showing opposite effect directions. Furthermore, the results of this study indicate that genetic predisposition to higher testosterone is beneficial to men but harmful to women. For example, genetically determined higher testosterone levels in men decreased the risk of type 2 diabetes but increased that risk in women.

DID YOU KNOW? For men, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly are two ways to naturally increase testosterone levels without supplements. [SOURCE]

SAMPLE RESULTS: Learn more about the Nebula Research Library.

Testosterone levels sample results

ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs1799941, rs45446698, rs10740131, rs112265145, rs6258, rs1573036, rs1260326, rs56196860, rs6684361, rs7183977, rs36032941, rs9509847, rs590097, rs113017476, rs79384925, rs569421885, rs17089026, rs2061679, rs761180516, rs56332871, rs1317701, rs17853284, rs2306847, rs36182456, rs1171617, rs4632729, rs146497684, rs1977658, rs11441374, rs2011425, rs34060476, rs143088266, rs10686842, rs5855544, rs12658172, rs6458331, rs171021, rs784420, rs738409, rs74652944, rs35783704, rs9272309, rs6471583, rs8111359, rs58839393, rs1408, rs35903783, rs1204083, rs2517582, rs7686914, rs28929474, rs4804669, rs10892924, rs11673591, rs10817260, rs35816571, rs78248023, rs520829, rs11102518, rs4464040, rs61823391, rs782207398, rs759068, rs12436785, rs67967246, rs73075656, rs61755050, rs6130613, rs9913470, rs4453027, rs1547308, rs4431325, rs2723065, rs9686661, rs10278686, rs56117787, rs2903385, rs5752773, rs8126001, rs79391862, rs768863, rs28421540, rs2241388, rs41378347, rs62115715, rs201111036, rs36205397, rs7759938, rs142846886, rs12683780, rs111861797, rs112694713, rs1128249, rs7342537, rs138983180, rs10971921, rs201416723, rs182050989, rs267733, rs28495625, rs528845403, rs5751229, rs34697127, rs3771243, rs1870940, rs370222, rs4782568, rs73365510, rs77017252, rs4678408, rs11191801, rs6020423, rs34955534, rs55707100, rs72681869, rs28576256, rs5860730, rs11023881, rs61320678, rs35008345, rs73212896, rs577721086, rs35548284, rs762344518, rs62162863, rs11572082, rs77741622, rs7291444, rs139763690, rs7618363, rs72708239, rs62314881, rs2035838, rs9543012, rs55885610, rs10202148, rs150539196, rs941446, rs2879910, rs62394296, rs34858588, rs35698268, rs57615517, rs35222808, rs1681967, rs4961485, rs881301, rs2201003, rs72660136, rs201643157, rs5763800, rs13185520, rs34632394, rs2764772, rs2374456, rs696516, rs10017280, rs11556924, rs4912377, rs113247979, rs6462989, rs733190, rs1822246, rs62220604, rs73200740, rs57323441, rs772513171, rs3103310, rs4835948, rs180435, rs2273991, rs494242, rs11830764, rs6939861, rs157934, rs56271032, rs765574776, rs12702516, rs41264630, rs2583949, rs535305978, rs1553668, rs17810415, rs12185851, rs13152154, rs2256191, rs11564722, rs12294104, rs1782652, rs552988313, rs78461719, rs35326378, rs74440003, rs2287322, rs445, rs11629457, rs139954761, rs12796488, rs12745935, rs4938576, rs41284816, rs221584, rs9638084, rs45448191, rs2038695, rs10982192, rs112530420, rs4245930, rs77822621, rs12788072, rs11937496, rs7937758, rs11888201, rs7065171, rs2675611, rs618888, rs35182096, rs4826631, rs4725944, rs9850919, rs771258439, rs12914034, rs139401553, rs78851238

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