Prostate Cancer (Schumacher, 2011)

Doctor with patient, prostate cancer

STUDY TITLE: Genome-wide association study identifies new prostate cancer susceptibility loci

SUMMARY: Prostate cancer may be linked to variants in the MLPH gene and genes that encode proteins of cytoplasmic filaments.

DESCRIPTION:  Prostate cancer is the most common type among men, after skin cancer. It occurs in the prostate – a gland in males that produces the seminal fluid. To identify novel genetic variants associated with this disease, this study examined the genomes of 7,240 individuals. The most significant variant found was in the MLPH gene which plays an essential role in the development of skin and hair pigmentation. The study also identified variants in nearby genes that play a role in the formation of cytoplasmic filaments which are strands of protein molecules that are important for cell shape, movement, and signaling.

DID YOU KNOW? Although there are no known prevention methods, living a healthy lifestyle should reduce your risk for this disease. Increasing fruits and vegetables while reducing dairy products in your diet and exercising for 30 minutes most days of the week may help prevent this disease. [SOURCE]

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Prostate cancer sample results.

PROSTATE CANCER-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs651164, rs13252298, rs7629490, rs11228594, rs902774, rs742134, rs2292884

Overview of Prostate Cancer
Cytoplasmic Filaments

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