Coronary artery disease (Koyama, 2020)

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STUDY TITLE: Population-specific and trans-ancestry genome-wide analyses identify distinct and shared genetic risk loci for coronary artery disease

SUMMARY: Identification of 175 genomic regions associated with the risk of coronary artery disease.

OVERVIEW: Like all other organs and tissues in the body, the heart requires a supply of blood to function. For the heart, the system that supplies its blood is known as the coronary circulation. Coronary artery disease occurs when the coronary arteries become damaged or diseased. As a consequence of decreased blood flow, less oxygen can reach the heart. Over time, this may result in heart attacks, making coronary artery disease the leading cause of death for both men and women. To identify the genetic factors that contribute to the development of coronary artery disease, this study examined over 168,000 individuals of Japanese ancestry. A trans-ethnic analysis that also included data from Europeans found 175 genomic regions that are associated with the condition across different ethnicities. This included 40 genetic variants that had not previously been known. Together, the identified variants may explain nearly 13% of the heritability of the disease.

DID YOU KNOW? A major avoidable risk factor for coronary artery disease is smoking. Even individuals who inhale smoke second-hand, have an increased risk of developing the disease. [SOURCE]

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DISEASE-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs2891168, rs9349379, rs56393506, rs12740374, rs35158675, rs11065783, rs2327429, rs7173743, rs2839812, rs6841473, rs7177338, rs61194703, rs141622900, rs2107595, rs7591175, rs72664335, rs1412444, rs16986953, rs1870634, rs9515203, rs3796587, rs140244541, rs10406816, rs745386, rs8046696, rs2681472, rs11107903, rs11191447, rs12893887, rs28601761, rs72874178, rs185244, rs507666, rs2296285, rs17228058, rs10488763, rs1133773, rs8072532, rs16998073, rs7500448, rs13200993, rs55714120, rs11556924, rs11752218, rs3741380, rs35462537, rs13702, rs4845625, rs10841443, rs11066707, rs7277800, rs1476098, rs781658, rs10947786, rs11601507, rs7251815, rs1169288, rs2505083, rs1154988, rs13134800, rs1050382, rs998584, rs34372836, rs56215311, rs7090277, rs604723, rs662799, rs61776719, rs1967604, rs10985348, rs378825, rs11099493, rs12469758, rs35093463, rs9624456, rs7485656, rs4678145, rs948386, rs34042070, rs175040, rs7229520, rs34232196, rs2421028, rs7566501, rs2074164, rs6704, rs11204892, rs10797374, rs11968400, rs11080107, rs28522673, rs12469628, rs7703260, rs1250259, rs4561781, rs73392700, rs11000448, rs2161967, rs8124182, rs9556903, rs7484541, rs4723406, rs869396, rs302953, rs61797063, rs2832232, rs6001960, rs76954792, rs12714757, rs259990, rs197907, rs11552449, rs6006426, rs1879454, rs1481345, rs2952286, rs6102322, rs9995627, rs2820315, rs11977187, rs2623168, rs7115190, rs10806235, rs12625329, rs35885398, rs13105983, rs7998440, rs7926712, rs35224956, rs10006310, rs7604403, rs663129, rs12444314, rs7580831, rs11167260, rs7420881, rs4076834, rs6593297, rs12028817, rs2607903, rs603424, rs72822411, rs582384, rs1307145, rs77620124, rs9549328, rs13255004, rs34880628, rs1051860, rs2286200, rs9693598, rs11947277, rs9351209, rs2493135, rs2744427, rs1727949, rs13354746, rs7928523, rs11509880, rs7680806, rs1893261, rs2076438, rs2008603, rs11230728, rs4794213, rs2111485, rs216158, rs12897, rs11133381, rs10268797, rs4646248, rs11718165, rs1508798, rs10063823, rs7088704

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