Pancreatic Cancer (Childs, 2015)

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STUDY TITLE: Common variation at 2p13.3, 3q29, 7p13 and 7q25.1 associated with susceptibility to pancreatic cancer

SUMMARY: Pancreatic cancer may be influenced by variants in the LINC00673, SUGCT, and TP63 genes.

DESCRIPTION:  The pancreas is an organ behind the stomach that helps with digestion and control of blood-sugar levels. To better understand the genetics that help determine pancreatic cancer risk, this study examined 21,494 individuals of European and Asian descent. It identified three new genetic variants associated with an increased risk of developing this condition. One of these variants was in the LINC00673 gene, which has previously been found to play a role in cancer. Another significant variant was located in the SUGCT gene. The SUGCT protein is involved in the metabolism of the amino acid glutarate. Finally, a variant in the TP63 gene was found to be associated. TP63 is also known as p63 and it plays a role in regulating the cell-cycle and the progression of tumors. Collectively, the identified variants accounted for roughly 2% of the heritability of this disease.

DID YOU KNOW? Not smoking, staying at a healthy weight, limiting your alcohol consumption, and avoiding exposure to certain chemicals in the workplace are all ways in which you can reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer. [SOURCE]

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PANCREATIC CANCER-ASSOCIATED VARIANTS: rs11655237, rs1486134, rs17688601, rs9854771

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