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AlphaBiolabs is a DNA and health testing company that fouces on relationship tests. Learn more in our AlphaBiolabs review!

Fiyin Ebemidayo, B.S.

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Turnaround time


AlphaBiolabs offers tests for relationship status and more. Most reviews focus on the paternity and other relationship tests. Customers are generally pleased with the results and note that the turnaround time was fast. Some had issues with receiving results.
The price is comparable with similar companies.


7 Facts from our AlphaBiolabs Review

  1. Location: Clearwater, Florida, USA
  2. Products: AlphaBiolabs DNA, health, and home drug & alcohol test kits
  3. Cost: DNA tests are $119 – $895, health tests are $179, and home drug & alcohol kits start at $35
  4. Reports: Varies based on the test. Typically includes the results
  5. How it works: A customer collects a sample and sends it back to AlphaBiolabs using the included pre-addressed envelope. Once the lab receives the samples, they will test it immediately and return results between 3-10 business days
  6. Counseling available: No
  7. Other Products: Nebula Genomics offers 30X Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA and gives reports on diet and much more!

This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

June 13, 2023

Pros and Cons


  • Fast turnaround time (3 business days for paternity, 3-10 for various tests)
  • Accurate (up to 42 genetic markers)
  • Easy-to-understand results
  • Reasonable price


  • Additional fee for a paper copy of results
  • Some tests take longer


AlphaBiolabs is primarily a DNA testing company that provides services to individuals, companies, and the media. They offer many tests, including paternity testing, relationship testing, immigration DNA testing, and more. 

The company has performed over one million tests since 2004. Although it does not offer genetic counseling, they do have the option to discuss DNA test results with a support specialist.

AlphaBiolabs homepage
AlphaBiolabs homepage

Dr. David Thomas, who has a background in molecular biology and genetics, founded AlphaBiolabs. He initially focused on providing legal DNA testing services. The laboratory later expanded to offer other types of testing and changed its name to AlphaBiolabs in 2012.

It has several certifications, including ISO 17025 accreditation for its DNA, drug, and alcohol testing services and ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system. AlphaBiolabs has also developed expertise in areas such as forensic and environmental DNA testing.

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The Science Behind AlphaBiolabs

AlphaBiolabs uses a range of scientific principles and techniques in its DNA and drug testing, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Capillary Electrophoresis, Mass Spectrometry, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). 

It has a team of skilled scientists and technicians who use the latest technology and equipment for reliable testing. The laboratory is accredited by UKAS and SAMHSA and is certified by industry-specific organizations such as ISO and CAP.

AlphaBiolabs tests up to 42 markers to ensure reliability and re-tests every exclusion DNA result twice. It performs the DNA testing in-house.

Review of AlphaBiolabs Tests

AlphaBiolabs sells several tests in three categories. These include DNA tests, health tests, and drug and alchohol tests.

DNA tests

The AlphaBiolabs DNA tests verify biological relationships. The kit comes with simple mouth swabs that a customer rubs inside their cheek to collect DNA samples. 

The tests examine up to 42 DNA markers to determine the probability of biological relationships, which can be up to 99% accurate if confirmed.

The DNA test options include:

  • Paternity 
  • Prenatal Paternity 
  • Sibling 
  • Twins 
  • Prenatal Gender 
  • Maternity 
  • Grandparent 
  • Aunt 
  • Uncle 
  • Y Chromosome Test 
  • Single Genetic Profile Test 
  • Toothbrush DNA Test
  • Nail Clipping DNA Test

After the DNA sample arrives in the lab, they prepare the results in three business days.

AlphaBiolabs DNA testing options
AlphaBiolabs DNA testing options

The paternity test is the company’s most popular option. In case the father is not available, other tests may substitute, such as the grandparent or aunt/uncle tests. It’s important to remember that these alternative options may not be as accurate as a paternity test. At times, they can be 23-28% inconclusive.

Other tests that are 100% accurate are the twins, siblings, and maternity tests.

If no other relative is available, AlphaBiolabs offers either a toothbrush or nail clippings test. Customers pay for the toothbrush or nail clippings test and DNA relationship test separately. 

In this case, the lab will attempt to extract DNA from one of these sources. If it retrieves a DNA profile, it will perform the chosen DNA relationship test. If no profile is found, the company will refund the cost of the DNA relationship test.  

Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, the company does not offer any peace of mind paternity or relationship tests to New York residents.

AlphaBiolabs health tests

AlphaBiolabs offers a genetic lactose intolerance and genetic celiac disease test to help individuals identify whether they have the the MCM6 gene variations linked to primary lactose intolerance or the HLA-DQ2 and/or HLA-DQ8 genes linked to celiac disease, respectively.

The MCM6 gene helps to regulate the gene that makes the lactase enzyme, which is needed to break down lactose, the sugar found in dairy products. On the other hand, Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) includes genes that help code for proteins that differentiate between self and non-self. AlphaBiolabs evaluates six DNA markers for the HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 genes related to the potential of developing celiac disease.

For those with symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, and stomach pain the company recommends taking both tests since these signs are indicative of either condition.

AlphaBiolabs health testing options
AlphaBiolabs health testing options

These tests only look for heredible forms of the condition. They can not be used to rule out other types. To collect a sample, customers use a mouth swab to collect cheek cells, similar to a DNA test, and send it back to the lab. Then, they will receive their results in five to seven business days.

Home drug & alcohol test kits

AlphaBiolabs’s nail and urine test kits for drugs and alchohol provide a hassle-free solution for those concerned about substance misuse. These are peace of mind tests that do not require a sample collector and can only be used for personal information.

The urine test comes in a pack of three and delivers results on 13 items, including cocaine, amphetamine, and marijuana, in five minutes.

Urine test cups
AlphaBiolabs urine test

The nail test can detect 10 different types of drugs and also alcohol. Due to the way in which nails grow, they can detect substances that had been in the body six months (fingernails) or 12 months (toenails) prior to the sample being collected.

The samples are returned to the lab and results are available within seven to ten business days. The individual must give consent for these tests and parental consent is needed for children under 16.

Review of Taking an AlphaBiolabs Test

Customers select their desired test and order it from the website. Then, the kit is shipped to their address with instructions and components for sample collection. If the relatives live separately, AlphaBiolabs can mail the DNA test kits to two different addresses.

After collecting the samples, customers send them back using the prepaid shipping label provided. AlphaBiolabs then processes the samples in their laboratory and provides results to the customer within a reasonable timeframe.

Review of AlphaBiolabs Cost

AlphaBiolabs offers the following DNA tests. When reviewing the cost, it’s important to remember that it includes the test kit and lab fees.

DNA tests

  • Paternity or Maternity: $129
  • Twins: $119
  • Single Genetic Profile: $119
  • Prenatal Gender: $199
  • Sibling, Grandparent, or Y Chromosome: $249
  • Aunt and Uncle: $295
  • Prenatal DNA Testing: $895
  • Toothbrush and Nail Clippings: $195

Health tests

  • Genetic Lactose or Celiac Disease: $129

Home Drug & Alchohol tests

  • Urine Drug Test Kit (pack of 3): $35
  • Nail test: From $99

The company offers a money-back guarantee for DNA tests with a lower chance of producing a conclusive result, including the sibling, aunt, uncle or grandparent test.

These tests are not covered by insurance.

Review of an AlphaBiolabs Report

We will review the AlphaBiolabs paternity report as it is the most popular one on the site.

The company analyzes up to 42 genetic markers in a child’s genetic footprint. Each individual has two copies of each marker (alleles): one inherited from the father and the other from the mother. The two alleles observed at each DNA marker are compared between the tested individuals. A full match of these alleles between individuals provides evidence of a relationship between them. 

In the case below, half of the child’s genetic footprint matches the mother’s (15) and half matches the potential father (17.3). Therefore, there is a 100% probability that the tested individual is the father.

Paternity test result
AlphaBiolabs paternity test result

The report given by AlphaBiolabs consists of three documents. The first document attached is a guide to understanding the results. The second document is a feedback questionnaire, while the third document is the paternity results report.

A report will include one of two statements: 1) This result provides (extremely/moderately) strong support in favor of paternity, or 2) This result excludes the possible father as the biological father.

The report emphasizes that results obtained from such tests are not admissible in court, as they are intended for personal use only.

In the case that the report is unclear, the conclusion reiterates that the tested individual has been excluded as the biological father. 

To help customers understand the results and the process itself, a guide is included. This document explains the significance of STR markers, how the test works, and the accuracy of the results. Additionally, it outlines how paternity tests work and other kinship tests. The guide is concise and straightforward, with a link to the Alpha Biolabs FAQ page provided for additional information.

Review of AlphaBiolabs Privacy Policy

The company collects personal data to provide services and keeps records of communications to help solve any questions or issues. The collected data includes personal data, unique identifiers, DNA samples, sex at birth, and ethnic origin. AlphaBiolabs does not use personal data for automated decision-making or profiling for marketing purposes.

The company claims to not share your personal information with third parties. It destroys DNA samples after three months and all identification documents – paper copies and electronic files – after 12–18 months. Data and results are password protected.

Other AlphaBiolabs Reviews

The company generally has good reviews from customers online. On Trustpilot,  AlphaBiolabs has a consumer rating 4.6 from over 950 reviews. Most customers praised quick results and good customer service. They highly recommend the service and note that the process was simple to follow from start to finish. 

On Amazon, AlphaBiolabs has a 4.1-star rating with about 152 reviews. More customers on this site had issues with long turn-around times. However, most reviewers still recommend AlphaBiolabs and cite fantastic service.

On the company’s website, AlphaBiolabs generally has positive testimonials from customers. There various satisfied customers rated AlphaBiolabs 5 out of 5. Most of the reviews focused on excellent service and quick turnaround time.

Nebula Genomics

AlphaBiolabs is a source for paternity and other relationship tests, with additional options for celiac disease and lactose intolerance, as well as drug and alchohol testing. These options are ideal for those who want a specific question answered, usually in relation to fathering a child. However, for most customers, this is just a small piece of the genetic puzzle. In contrast, Nebula Genomics offers a comprehensive DNA test that can assess things like ancestry, traits, and predispositions to disease.

With 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing, Nebula sequences 100% of your DNA to get to the root cause of every biological inclination. The test is incredibly accurate and includes other additions, including ancestry reporting and genome exploration tools. Regularly updated reports ensure that you will not miss the latest genetic research. 

Nebula is not a diagnostic test, but the results are of the highest quality and can be used in consultation with health care professionals.

For only $299 or less, customers will get access to their entire genome, allowing them to continue to ask more questions as more research is conducted.

AlphaBiolabs vs. Nebula Genomics

AlphaBiolabsNebula Genomics
Testing methodCheek swabSaliva sample
ResultsRelationship status, hereditary risk to celiac disease or lactose intolerance, or drug/alcohol useSequences of all 20,000 genes and regulatory regions to detect genetic predispositions
Ancestry reportingNoPerforms deep ancestry reporting with the complete Y chromosome and mtDNA sequencing
CounselingNoNo, but data is of the highest quality and can be used by physicians and genetic counselors
CostRanges from $99 – $895$0, $99, $299

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