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DNA Services Unlimited Review Summary

DNA Services Unlimited is a DNA testing service for legal matters concerning biological relationships. Learn more in our DNA Services Unlimited review!

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DNA Services Unlimited guarantees 100% accuracy on its DNA tests for proving biological relationships that can be used in court. Additionally, it’s prices are competitive and its services are available nationwide. Some non-DNA tests are only available in Hemet, CA.


This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

February 17, 2022

7 Facts from our DNA Services Unlimited Review

  1. Location: Hemet, California, United States
  2. Products: A vast range of products covering many tests dealing with human genes. The full line of products include drug tests, Livescan, DOT tests, DNA tests, Drug-Free Workplace tests, Lab tests, Training, and Forensic tests
  3.  Cost: $129 to $1700
  4. Reports: Confirms biological relationships between a child and an alleged relative
  5. How it works: Create your account and ensure that a location for collection is close to your area. Purchase the desired test. Receive the kit, provide a sample, and submit it to the nearest collection center. The result will be sent to your account when available.
  6. Upload option: No
  7. Alternative Products: Nebula Genomics offers 30X Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA and offers reports on diet and much more!

DNA Services Unlimited Introduction

DNA Services Unlimited (DNASU) is a DNA collection services company that performs various tests to give users answers to their relationship questions. Many of the company’s tests can be used for legal purposes, such as paternity testing for court cases and tribal enrollment for Native Americans. Beyond DNA testing, the company’s tests include drug testing, Livescan professional fingerprinting service, lab testing, and forensic testing. It should be noted that only the DNA and drug tests are available nationwide. The other offerings are only available at the company’s California headquarters. 

Fingerprint scanning is an additional offering by this genetics company
Fingerprint scanning is an additional offering by this genetics company

The company’s headquarters are located in Hemet, CA, around the Superior Court of California area of Riverside County. The firm partners with some of the largest DNA, drug testing, and lab testing networks to make collections and testing easy and possible. It is also Department of Transportation (DOT) and Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) certified and is licensed to operate as a genetic and lab testing center.

Paternity is just one piece of your family history. At Nebula Genomics, we offer affordable Whole Genome Sequencing! This is a complete DNA test that decodes 100% of your autosomal DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and the Y chromosome. Whole Genome Sequencing will enable you to learn more about your ancestry, family connections, and health than any other product! Click here to learn more!

The Science Behind DNA Services Unlimited

DNA Services Unlimited uses innovative technologies that make its tests reliable in the gene testing market. It not only provides the outcome of each test but ensures that all metrics that determine the outcome are fully analyzed to drive accuracy. DNASU is a reputable company, and its drive to be a standout in the market has seen it partner with many reputable lab centers that have a reputation for providing quality results.

Because the DNA samples from the legal tests are collected on-site by a Collection Specialist, the results are legally allowed to be used in court for issues such as child support, child custody, social security, inheritances, immigration, court order, surrogacy, and other legal matters. For these tests, DNA Services Unlimited has centers nationwide.

Review of DNA Service Unlimited Products

DNA tests

These tests can be collected nationwide and results are recognized by Family Courts across the US and almost all foreign countries, state and federal agencies, US and foreign embassies, Consular Officers, and other official requesting agencies. This makes them legal DNA tests that can be used in court. By definition, DNA for these tests must be collected at a designated collection facility and follow strict chain of custody protocols. 

Each customer is assigned a Case Coordinator, who will be available throughout a customer’s court case and assist them with any questions. 

DNA In-Home Test Kit and Peace of Mind tests

This is the only non-legal testing kit in this category. This DNA kit is a quick way to find answers concerning the DNA of your child from the privacy of your home. The DNA home kit comes with seals, collection envelopes, buccal swabs, and instructions on carrying out the test. Results are available 3–5 days after the sample gets to the lab. As an alternative, you can order a Peace of Mind Paternity or Maternity DNA test, which are not performed for legal purposes even though the sample is collected at a collection site.

At home DNA test available from DNA Services Unlimited
At home DNA test available from DNA Services Unlimited

Legal Paternity and Maternity DNA Test

These DNA tests help determine whether there is a biological relationship between a child and their father. DNASU provides clients with accurate, legal, and defensible results within 3-5 business days after the test was performed. This test is used in cases of child support, inheritance, immigration, change of name on a birth certificate, etc.

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test

This DNA test helps to determine the paternity of a child when the pregnancy is in its first trimester. This test is non-invasive and straightforward as only the mother’s blood sample is required for the test. An accurate paternity test can be obtained from a two-week pregnancy with this advanced testing.

Gender Reveal DNA Test

DNASU uses the latest edition of validated DNA science to provide parents with the gender of their child as early as eight weeks of pregnancy. The analyst checks for the Y chromosome in the mother’s blood to determine if the child is male. The Y chromosome will not be present in the mother’s blood for biological females.

Various testing options available through DNA Services Unlimited
Various testing options available through DNA Services Unlimited

Surrogate DNA test

This DNA test helps determine if the correct egg and sperm were used during the surrogacy process. This test will help disprove or prove that the donors are related biologically to the child and not the surrogate.

Grandparent DNA test

This is an indirect way to determine family relationships when an alleged mother or father is not available. To conduct this test, samples must be collected from at least one known parent, the child, and one alleged grandparent. 

Other DNA testing services available include:

  • Native American – Tribal Enrollment (these tests are approved by enrollment committees)
  • Y chromosome test (can be used to test for a biological relationship between a male individual and male relatives other than a father or grandfather)
  • Mitochondrial test (can be used to test for a biological relationship between an individual and female relatives)
  • Immigration test (to prove a biological relationship between an immigration applicant and a sponsor)
  • Viability test (used for paternity testing on unusual samples such as blood and hair)
  • Infidelity test
  • Siblingship test
  • Avuncular (can be used to test for a biological relationship with an aunt or uncle)
  • Twin test
  • Family reconstruction
  • DNA profile

Other tests

Forensic DNA tests

This DNA testing helps unravel crime cases and brings justice and closure to the victims and their families. DNASU has helped resolve notorious criminal cases where the testing of DNA evidence has been used to exonerate and convict a suspect in either new or old cases.

Crime scene investigators and forensic specialists can contact the company directly for pricing and more information.

Other products from DNA Services Unlimited
Other products from DNA Services Unlimited

If you’re interested in contributing your DNA to help solve cold cases, you may be interested in DNASolves.

Drug tests

These professional drug tests can be collected at over 3000 sites in the United States and can be used for pre-employment, random drug tests, court orders, etc. The specialists are trained to meet DOT and BAT regulations. 

Lab tests

DNASU provides its clients with affordable lab tests that don’t require a prescription or a physician’s visit. This blood test can help determine your risk of having various diseases, thereby keeping you informed and proactive about your health.

These health tests are only available in Hemet, CA. 

Taking a DNA Services Unlimited Test

Because most of the company’s products are legal tests, the sample collection must be performed at a collection site. These tests are performed in the United States and there are many sites nationwide. The tests may be purchased by an individual or by a company on behalf of someone else. 

For all legal tests you will purchase the option desired and then schedule an appointment to have the sample collected. The purchasing process is straightforward and you do not need to create an account. You can simply select your test and provide your contact and payment information.

To schedule an appointment, customers use the self-scheduling tool on the company’s website. They will first select the service to be scheduled, the desired date and time, and their name.

DNA Services Unlimited self-scheduling tool
DNA Services Unlimited self-scheduling tool

DNA results are delivered within 3-5 business days of when the sample is collected. Other options, such as the rapid drug test, are available in under 30 minutes.

Review of the DNA Services Unlimited Cost

DNA Services Unlimited tests and products are quite affordable and competitive. You can get a test for as low as $129, while tests cost as much as $1,700. The pricing of each product is highly dependent on its type and some prices are only available by contacting the company. The price for the DNA tests are:

Paternity or Maternity (legal)$385
Paternity or Maternity (peace of mind)$350
Prenatal paternity test$1,700
Gender reveal$129
In Home DNA test$225
Native American – Tribal Enrollment$385
Y chromosome$475
Family ReconstructionCall for consideration and pricing
MitochondrialCall for consideration and pricing
DNA profile$150
Prices for DNA Services Unlimited products

Review of DNA Services Unlimited Reports

DNASU reports will provide the information requested in the test. The company guarantees 100% accuracy on its DNA tests for paternity and other legal matters.

DNA Services Unlimited Privacy

As legal tests, the privacy of all customer tests is kept within a strict chain of custody procedure. The company does not release data to any outside entities.

Other DNA Services Unlimited Reviews

Since the products offered are not commercial tests, there are little to no reviews available online.

Pros and Cons


  • Competitive pricing
  • Convenient locations
  • A vast number of tests
  • Accurate results


  • Some options only available in Hemet CA
  • Only for biological relationships with no traits, health, and ancestry 
  • Not a commercial test

Nebula Genomics

DNA Services Unlimited provides users with several options that mainly focus on DNA testing for biological relationships between a child and an alleged parent. These products are legal tests that can be used in court for issues such as child support. The focus of this company makes them very good at what they do. If you’re interested instead in DNA testing for traits, health, and ancestry you will want to check out commercial DNA tests.

Nebula Genomics is a genetic testing company that performs 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing, the most comprehensive gene sequencing technique that decodes 100% of your genome, instead of less than 0.2% like other testing companies.

Nebula Genomics also offers related services that include ancestry reporting and an accessible, vast gene library. The firm’s testing method makes it one of the few test centers globally that provide extremely comprehensive analyses of a person’s entire genome. Plus, whole-genome sequencing with Nebula is affordable. Sequencing 100% of your DNA costs $299 or less.

With regularly updated reports and genome exploration tools, customers have complete control of their data and can continue to learn more about their genetic predispositions long after the sequencing is complete.

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