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EasyDNA is an international testing company with a variety of options, including paternity and DNA tests. Learn more in our EasyDNA review!

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EasyDNA is an international testing company with customer service all over the world. Testing, including for paternity, follows international standards for accuracy. It has a wide range of tests that analyze DNA. Beyond paternity, the kits can be more expensive than competitors.


7 Facts from our EasyDNA Review

  1. Location: Elk Grove, CA
  2. Products: Over 30 different tests for paternity testing, ancestry testing, genetic health testing, forensic testing, and more
  3. Cost: Varies based on the type of test. Generally, prices range from $88 to $1095
  4. Sample collection: A range of sample collection methods, including cheek swabs, hair follicles, and blood samples
  5. Results: Customers receive the results of paternity tests in 3-5 working days; other DNA tests are approximately 4-6 weeks
  6. Reports: Paternity tests with raw allele data
  7. Alternative Products: Nebula Genomics offers 30X Whole Genome Sequencing that decodes 100% of your DNA and gives reports on diet and much more!

This review is written with the intent to be as unbiased as possible. However, it represents the opinion of an individual reviewer and is therefore subjective. Furthermore, at Nebula Genomics we seek to educate the public about the benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing. Information about our Whole Genome Sequencing DNA test is therefore incorporated into the review.

April 25, 2023

Pros and Cons


  • Various DNA testing services, including paternity, ancestry, health and wellness, and animal DNA tests
  • Follow internationally defined laboratory requirements
  • User-friendly website that allows customers to order tests easily and track the progress of their orders
  • No additional fees for paternity testing
  • International customer support


  • Health and ancestry options not as comprehensive as competitors
  • Most clinical tests cannot be ordered in the United States 
  • Can be more expensive than competitors


EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company that provides various DNA testing services, including paternity, ancestry, health, and wellness testing. The company was founded in 2006 and has expanded to over 25 countries worldwide. Even though the company has many locations, individuals can contact local customer care via telephone, email, or chat.

One of the standout features of EasyDNA is its user-friendly website, which makes it easy to order and track DNA sampling kit online. Additionally, the company offers the highest levels of accuracy for its testing options, including relationship tests and at-home DNA testing kits for various health concerns.

EasyDNA homepage
EasyDNA homepage

EasyDNA’s paternity testing services provide a quick and accurate way for individuals to confirm paternity. The company also offers a range of relationship and ancestry testing options, allowing individuals to trace their genetic ancestry back to specific regions and ethnic groups. In addition to peace of mind, customers can find genetic services for immigration and legal purposes.

Together with its DNA testing services, EasyDNA also offers a range of health and wellness tests, including tests for food intolerance, vitamin deficiencies, and genetic predispositions to specific health conditions. Accordingly, these kits provide valuable insights into an individual’s health and well-being, allowing them to make informed decisions about diet and lifestyle.

The company uses state-of-the-art technology and employs a team of experienced scientists to analyze DNA samples. Depending on the test, EasyDNA requires a variety of sample collection methods, including buccal swabs, blood samples, and hair samples.

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The Science Behind EasyDNA

DNA science is based on the understanding of the human genome, which contains all of the genetic information that makes up a person.

Therefore, through genetic testing, EasyDNA can analyze an individual’s genetic makeup and provide insights into their ancestry, potential health risks, and the likelihood of developing certain conditions. For example, their health tests can screen for genetic markers associated with a higher risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, certain cancers, and heart disease.

EasyDNA uses advanced technologies to analyze DNA samples, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). PCR is a technique that amplifies specific DNA sequences, making them easier to detect and analyze. NGS is a high-throughput method that can sequence millions of DNA strands simultaneously, allowing for more comprehensive analysis.

Additionally, short Tandem Repeat (STR) analysis, a method of comparing allele repeats at specific loci in DNA, is used for paternity and other relationship assessment.

Review of EasyDNA Products

EasyDNA offers a wide range of DNA tests and we will review some of them below. At the present time, it’s most advertised is its paternity testing.

DNA paternity testing

This test helps establish the biological relationship between a child and their alleged father. 

EasyDNA tests 21 genetic markers to provide the most accurate paternity testing. As a result, biological paternity will show a probability of paternity at 99.99% or higher. On the other hand, if the tested individual is not the biological father, it will exclude the alleged father with a probability of 100%.

Upon request, EasyDNA will ship kits to different addresses.

EasyDNA paternity testing
EasyDNA paternity testing

Customers in every state except New York can order a peace of mind home paternity test where they collect the sample at home and send it to the lab for analysis. It’s important to point out that these results cannot be used in court.

EasyDNA also offers legal paternity testing used for cases such as custody, child support, and inheritance claims. These samples require submission of identification records, sample collection by a neutral third party, and strict chain of custody compliance. Due to its complexity, the company’s case managers assist customers in meeting these requirements.

Customers can also look into the non-invasive prenatal paternity test that can be used starting at 9 weeks into pregnancy. 

Relationship testing

These options allow individuals to determine whether a biological relationship exists between themselves and other individuals beyond paternity.

The company recommends it especially for people who want to confirm a biological relationship in absence of the father. It’s important to realize that these tests are not as accurate as paternity testing if trying to confirm a biological father. These tests are also more complex than those for paternity. Options include:

Other tests

Ancestry: This test focuses on an individual’s ancestry. It is done by comparing their DNA to a database of DNA samples worldwide. In brief, the results can reveal an individual’s ethnic makeup and geographic origins.

Health and Wellness Test: These tests identify genetic markers associated with certain health conditions. They can provide insights into an individual’s traits as well as risk of developing certain conditions.

The most comprehensive offering is the Know Yourself DNA Test. This test looks at genetic predisposition to over 100 diseases, pharmacological compatibility, inherited diseases, personal traits, wellness, and ancestry. Customers submit a saliva sample collected at home and you will typically receive a detailed report in about 4-6 weeks.

EasyDNA test package
EasyDNA test package

Customers interested in only one aspect can order individual tests:

  • DNA diet and healthy weight
  • Intolerance
  • Vegan intolerance
  • Gut microbiome
  • Food and pet sensitivity
  • SkinCareDNA

Although there are clinical services available on the website, FDA regulations do not allow them to be sold in the United States without physician approval. Interested customers should visit their doctor’s office to purchase these tests.

Other products include DNA kits to help you construct a DNA profile or assess your tolerance levels to environmental factors and food items.

Customers can also find services for things like animal testing, which includes a cat/dog allergy test, cat/dog DNA test (for breeds), and others.

Review of Taking an EasyDNA Test

Customers collect samples for most of the DNA tests by swabbing their mouths. In brief, each individual will rub the provided swab against the inside of their mouth to collect cheek cells. The kit also includes instructions and consent forms for each person being tested.

Taking an EasyDNA test
Taking an EasyDNA test

Tests in other categories may require different sample collection methods. For example, the DNA test requires a saliva sample.

Review of EasyDNA Cost

EasyDNA DNA test costs vary depending on the type. 

  • Paternity:
    • Peace of mind starts at $109
    • Legal starts at $279
    • Prenatal: $1095
  • Relationship: $119- $433
  • Ancestry tests: $169- $229
  • Health tests: – $88 – $159

The company advertises that there are no additional fees beyond what is advertised. The cost for relationship tests increases depending on the number of people tested. Customers can make a payment with a credit card, debit, or money order.

There may be some additional costs such as shipping the sample to the lab.

Review of an EasyDNA Report

The EasyDNA paternity report is easy to read and interpret. Firstly, the 21 loci tested are listed in the first column. Then, the page will have three columns for the maternal (optional), child, and alleged father DNA comparison. In brief, each column provides the raw genetic information used to make the paternity conclusion.

Sample paternity report
EasyDNA sample paternity report

Each loci has two numbers for each individual tested, one inherited from the mother and the other from the father. Therefore, if the child has one number matching the alleged father’s it is considered a match. This is why it is recommended (although not required) to submit the mother’s DNA as well to improve accuracy. In short, both alleles can be accounted for.

Positive paternity result
EasyDNA paternity result

If there are enough genetic markers to determine paternity, the probability will read 99.99%. Conversely, if there is not, it will read 0%. Customers also receive a combined direct index (CDI), a scientific algorithm used for DNA comparisons. It reflects how many times more likely the alleged biological father is the real father when compared with an untested male in the same ethnic group.

Review of EasyDNA Privacy

The company uses standard encryption privacy safeguards to ensure that its customer’s data is safe.

For informational DNA tests, the company destroys the samples immediately after it releases the results. On the other hand if customers want the samples saved they can pay an additional fee to have them archived for up to six months.

For legal tests, the samples are archived for six months automatically with no additional fee.

Other EasyDNA Reviews

On Trustpilot, the company has a rating of 3.9 stars but 3 reviews. The two 5-star reviews focused on animal testing while the 1-stary review was for paternity. The reviewer stated issues with shipping costs and testing location. However, the company rescinded to their comments, explaining the issues the customer was having.

There are other Trustpilot pages that review the kits from other countries.

Nebula Genomics

EasyDNA sells various DNA testing services, including paternity, ancestry, health, and more. As has been noted, it is an international company with offices located in over 25 countries and a strong customer service structure. Due to this structure, this company may be a great option for those who need relationship testing or just starting out on their genetic journey. By contrast, Nebula Genomics focuses specifically on genetic predispositions using your entire genome as a guide. 

While we do not provide relationship testing, Nebula does offer comprehensive DNA tests that give insight into disease, wellness, traits, and other conditions. With 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing, Nebula sequences 100% of your DNA to get to the root cause of every biological inclination. The test is also incredibly accurate and includes other additions, including ancestry reporting and genome exploration tools. Additionally, regularly updated reports ensure that you will not miss the latest genetic research. 

Since customers get access to their entire genome, they can continue to ask new questions and explore their predispositions, even in the absence of new reports. 

Nebula is not a diagnostic test, but the results are of the highest quality and can be used in consultation with health care professionals.

For only $299 or less, customers will get access to their entire genome, allowing them to continue to ask more questions as more research is conducted.

EasyDNA vs. Nebula Genomics

EasyDNANebula Genomics
Testing methodPaternity testing based on 21 loci, plus other DNA tests30x sequencing to unlock all 20,000 genes and regulatory regions
ReportsVaries. Covers paternity, disease risk, ancestry, and moreExtended reports highlighting an individual’s genetic predispositions
Ancestry reportingYesPerforms deep ancestry reporting with the complete Y chromosome and mtDNA sequencing
Raw data uploadNoYes
CounselingYes. If requestedNo, but data is of the highest quality and can be used by physicians and genetic counselors
Cost$88 – $1095$0, $99, $299

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